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Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 02:39:08 GMT
From: Harvey White <>
Subject: Re: Well - I wrecked her..

On Mon, 17 Nov 2003 00:43:01 -0400, Dexter J <> wrote: >Salutations: > >On Mon, 17 Nov 2003 02:18:17 GMT, Harvey White <> wrote: > >>> >> Jetta is not a luxury car, looks like a bmw at best. Same German >> design philosophy, and you might not have the same feel as a Saab. >> >> Might not, never driven a 9000, just a 9-5, but I'd prefer the saab. >> >> Harvey > >Welcome brother Harvey and well, so do we really. 'Tis why I got one in mid August this year (2000 9.5 LPT). While taking the wife to the hospital (routine thing, but 6:30 in the morning). What with a lack of sleep, I managed to wipe off the foglamp turn signal socket by running up on a parking "stop", those detestable things that are designed to wreck the front end of the car. Some delayed hysterics later (several days after, when I actually saw it), I talked to the dealer/service shop, and they very kindly gave me a new lamp holder/socket. I wired it in, (two layer heatshrink), and spent part of an afternoon doing an epoxy job on the bits and pieces of the foglamp assembly. Successful, but traumatic.... > >The SAAB is our favorite ride and while I'm a 9000 man myself, the 9-5 is >nothing to sneeze at. > >I'm very impressed with the fact that my 9000 is still working well (you >know, aside from the missing front end thing) at 310,000km. Moreover - it >provides an almost Tardis like trade regarding amount of space inside >against it's total wheelbase. This is a family car and I have the crayola >stains on the back of the drivers seats and loose soil in the trunk to >prove it.. :) .. I'd be tempted to do a repair job, if possible... But then again, perhaps time for an upgrade if not financially feasible. > >I think I'm on record here as once saying that of the great many machines >we've had over the years - I think the interior and ergonomics of the 9000 >are pretty much perfect in every way except the lack of a floor start key >and the flipping wide door pillars.. arrggg.. > then it was a 900 that I drove. >The 1995 Continental isn't the yacht it's TownCar sister is and given >several million kilometer examples I've ridden to the airport in - no >slouch on the longevity or ride/drive sides. It will never be as good on >the fuel as the 9000 and it might also start getting expensive as the >various first generation electronic controls (suspension, tranny, steering >rack) start to age.. probably so, the electronics is not going to be cheap. > >The 97 Jetta is supposed to a real tank - I expect it's about as well >appointed and rides like one too. I get the impression it's not very roomy >inside, but it gets around 35-40 miles to the gallon on anything from Lamp >Oil to Bunker C. While no SAAB, the turbo is supposed to make it fairly >good engine wise. My understanding of the machine is that it is easily a >700,000km+ outfit with minimal care and service. It's rides worse and >starts to smell a lot as you go along - but things don't seem to break >much on them. Had a mid 80's jetta, think something like a 9-3 in intent, but very germanic. was a diesel, non turbo, ran well, but not spectacular. One thing, though, the grounds are established through the motor mounts, so they are quite important. Had all the lights on the dash light up (1980 Rabbit diesel), and the car stop... eventually sold it. Found out about that much later... > >The only real problem with the SAAB in question will be the price the >current owner (local garage) will let it go for. While I note $8000 as >what I might offer - he is asking considerably (and somewhat >unrealistically) more. It's in good shape - but it's no peach. Moreover - >while I would have spares - not a lot of the fairly expensive stuff bolts >over and it's a darned automatic I've been looking for a 5 speed.. Hmmm, not sure here... but you're on the scene, and I'm no expert. > >Anyway - as we can't be without a car for any length of time - we're going >to have to make a call shortly. Maybe we'll just buy a beater for a while >and see what comes up. Nobody is happy with that idea, but cars tend to >get fairly cheap after New Years around here.. Some of the car places (wholesale dumpers) might help, but hard to say. Harvey

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