Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 20:57:55 -0600
From: "Nate Goddard" <>
Subject: Re: HELP - NEED YOUR ADVICE on Repairing my '98 900 SE

I agree about the C900's. I love mine and find that as long as they are attended to and maintained they keep pretty well. However, the first one I bought ('87 900 T16) was a learning experience because I didn't know what to look for. After I owned it about 1.5-2 years, I bought another ('88 900 SPG) and got an excellent gem that I love. The '87 had not been well maintained, so I had a number of things to fix in the first year. After I got my '88 SPG I started using them in tandem -> '88 SPG for summer, '87 T16 for winter, and occasionally as backup or a loaner. I would think that the price "Mom2aDog" is paying is a bit much for annual costs. An independent Saab garage should be able to do much better. I am fortunate to have an independent Saab wizard only about 10 miles away. "ma_twain" <> wrote in message > You remind me why I own only Classic Saab 900s . . . > I currently own two Classic Saabs with manual transmissions and no cup > holders. I would never buy a Saab with an automatic - too many > reliability and maintenance issues, as you have found out. I have spent > nothing other than scheduled maintenance in the last year. Just my > opinion, but I believe the NG models have too many bells and whistles > and the emphasis has changed from a fun, sporty car to a luxury car. > > I use an independent shop that specializes in Saabs and Volvos. > > <<snip>> > > "Mom2aDog" <> wrote in message > > > > > >>I own a 1998 900 SE Turbo automatic with 65K miles. > >> > >>My car seems to cost me about $1,500 - $2,000 a year to MAINTAIN. > >> > >>I just took my car into the one and only Saab service place in my town > >>(Raleigh, NC). Here's the list of things that need repaired: > >> > >> > >>- 3-4 holes in pipe leading to muffler (causing my car to fail > >>emmissions inspection). Saab say I need to replace entire muffler since > >>it's all one piece. > >> > >>- Leak somewhere in transmission tubes/pipes, Saab says I need to > >>replace all 6 transmission tubes since they don't know exactly which one > >>is leaking. They believe this is causing my inconsistent shifting, > >>which is one of the reasons I took the car in for repair. > >> > >>- Need new front rotors, shoes, pads > >> > >>- Need new front tires (this I knew already) and I'm not buying them > >>from Saab > >> > >>- Need alignment very badly (I had my car aligned 3 months ago at place > >>where I purchased my new rear tires). Saab says I should have alignment > >>done through THEM since they will do it 'right.' Alignment is $99 + > >>tax, which is 25% more than I can get it done elsewhere. > >> > >>- The idle is running fast or is not timed right (I complained about > >>this but they forgot to check it). > >> > >> > >>So far, without the tires/alignment, they quoted me about $1575.00 to > >>repair the above. > >> > >> > >>Last year I had to replace the gear box mechanism to the tune of $600, > >>along with vacuum seals, windshield washer pumps, for another $300. > >> > >>The year before it took 4 visits before they figured out I had a bad O2 > >>sensor. > >> > >>This is my first Saab (probably my last too). > >> > >>Those of you with Saabs no longer in warranty: WHO ARE YOU HAVING FIX > >>YOUR CAR IF YOU CAN'T DO IT YOURSELF AND THERE'S NO ONE ELSE YOU CAN > >>FIND WHO IS ABLE TO WORK ON YOUR SAAB? I bought my Saab in CA at the > >>end of 1997. I live across country now. > >> > >>I'm wondering if I have a 'lemon' since every year it seems to be > >>*something* and that something is never less than $500 to fix. > >> > >>Should I get rid of the car now? I'm unemployed so the time is not good > >>to try and buy something else.... > >> > >>ADVICE? > >> > >>COMMENTS? > >> > >> > >>Thanks. > >> > >>mom2a"dog" Return to Main Index

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