Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 10:21:17 -0500
From: ma_twain <>
Subject: Re: Saabs are EVIL, the devil created them ! ! ! !

Al wrote: > "ma_twain" <> wrote in message > > >>Dexter J wrote: >> >> >>>Salutations: >>> >>>On Sat, 20 Nov 2004 09:54:35 -0500, ma_twain <> wrote: >>> >>> >>>>>>Dexter J wrote: >>>>>> >>>>>> >>>>>>>Let the flame-a-palooza begin .. :) .. >>>>>>> >>>>>> >>>>>>My experience with the NG 900 was all under warranty - Thank God! >>>>>> >>>>> >>>>>I've said it before and I'll say it again, whatever vintage you buy - >>>>>get a good SAAB and you are smiling all the way to the bank - get a bad >>>>>SAAB and it will suck the joy of life out of you and everyone you love. >>>>> >>>>>Anyway, what did you end up driving brother twain? You must be happier >>>>>with it than your NG. >>>>> >>>> >>>>That is the problem - my other Saab is a 1993 900 Commemorative with a >>>>short shift kit. It has the lowered suspension, Red Box, dual power >>>>leather seats, etc. It runs great - too good. I have not been able to >>>>push it to its limits yet. The passenger seat starts whining if I don't >>>>slow down in the turns. No way is my daugther going to drive this car! >>>>Especially with the non-synchro reverse. >>>> >>>>That is why I got the NG900 - it is slower. The body roll will let her >>>>know she is taking the turns too fast. The nose dive will let her know >>>>she is braking too hard. She will be learning to drive in the NG900. >>>> >>>> >>>Well brother twain, you'd have to admit that's kinda apples and oranges? >>>A Commemorative C900 two door with an uprated suspension and SPG ignition >>>(drool - drool) isn't box stock C900, or box stock NG900 4 door either. >>>Its like comparing my factory '79 Z1R Kawasaki to a KZ-900 (any year). >>> >> >>It is a nice "problem" to have - a car with power AND the suspension and >>transmission to fully utilize the power :-) >> >> >> >>>I uprated the suspension on my NG900 too - but I've done that to every >>>SAAB I've owned over the years. I don't trend towards lowering, but >>>always put on better shocks and slightly thicker springs and frankly, my >>>NG900 is as tight as the local roads will allow - no excessive nose >>>dive - no excessive body roll. >>> >> >>My C900 has no body roll :-) It rides low and hard, low enough to scrape >>slightly when I back out of the garage. I am will to live with this >>situation, especially on the back country roads :-) >> >> >> >>>In stock form the normally aspirated 2.3 pulls a fair bit harder than my >>>C900 2.0 ever did. But then all my SAAB's are/were used rides and were >>>bought on the premise that tidying them up was/is a *lot* cheaper than >>>buying anything from any dealer. So far, that's been the case over time. >>>Though there was a real lemon C900 we picked up in 1987 - ended up >>>dropping my '79 GLE motor and 4 speed in and it went on perfectly until >>>it was run over in parking lot by a 5 ton in 1991. >>> >>>Now, this 1993 9000 Aero may turn out badly - but that's the luck of the >>>draw as I mentioned before. I like the model year so much, I'm willing to >>>work on her to tidy up things. It will be *way-hey-hey* cheaper than >>>*anything* off the local showroom floor over time and more fun too. >>> >>>But - like I said before - my particular 1994 2.3 NG900-S with bosch >>>ignition and no turbo/DI has been pretty sweet. My personal take is that >>>the NG900 with Trionic and/or Turbo is a bad long term choice - only >>>worsted by the V6 model. Were you running a turbo NG900 or a S model and >>>what year, if you don't mind me asking? >>> >>> >>It is the "worsted" engine - the 1994 GM V6. The price was right, very >>right because no one wanted to buy a GM V6 Saab. I predict the life of >>this car to be short, with a beginning driver behind the wheel :-( So the >>engine life is not critical. >> >> >> >>>-- >>> >>>Dexter J's fab NG900 is for sale: >>> >>> >>>Radio Free Dexterdyne Top Tune o'be-do-da-day >>>Pogues - Dirty Old Town >>> >>> >>>all tunes - no cookies no subscription no weather no ads >>>no news no phone in - RealAudio 8+ Required - all the Time >>> >> > > OK I'm gonna throw my two peneth in now! > > I have a 96 9000, (2.3FPT :-))) and my wife has a NG900S. Frankly the 900s > has been a brilliant car, certainly compared to the leaky fords she used to > drive. I will admit to driving Fords in my past and I completely agree. >OK so it's not super fast, and the handling can be a bit Bismarck > like but the 9000 aint no two seater round the bends. There are times when you want a slow, softer suspension car. This is good for a beginning driver because the body roll will tell you to slow down on the turns. The nose dive on braking will tell you to brake smoother next time. > > As a good solid reliable car to get her to work, the kids to school and the > whole family up and down the country several times a year its been great. > > Three MOT's straight through, no problem, and this car is eleven years old, > there aren't many manufacturers who can boast that sort of record. > I still have the 1982 Volvo 245. 22 years, soon to be 23 years old and it still drives fine. > It's not cost a fortune to run, ok so parts are a little more expensive, but > in fact if you compare this with say a Ford Mundeo it's on a par. > > I used to run a C900, 8v normally aspirated and frankly knackered. I loved > the handling, I've never known such a long car turn in such a tight circle, > and she was light as a feather on the road. I started with the same Saab. It was great in the snow! Too much fun in the snow and salt. It was sold with mostly Bondo and fiberglass fenders to a teenager, who wrecked it within a year. >However, we all have real lives > and mine includes two young kids, which made the two door C900 a problem. I > do miss her, but the 9000 is eminently practical and I know she's as solid > as a rock. I have a fast, fun car, the 1993 Commemorative 900 2 door and the four door 1994 NG900 as a beater - drive in winter, park it anywhere. > > My wife wants to trade her NG900s in next winter against a 93, she don't > like my 9000 as it's tooooo big, (her words) > > > > >

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