Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 18:06:01 GMT
From: Paul Halliday <>
Subject: Re: Well, the convertible is on Ebay now.

in article, Dave Hinz at wrote on 24/03/2006 17:19: > On Fri, 24 Mar 2006 11:19:06 -0000, NeedforSwede2 > <> wrote: >> In article <>, says... >>> >> Even beter, the local council (local government) can go to court and say >> "this person owes us money and won't pay" >> court passes a judgement. >> With the judgement, the council can then hire thugs to do their dirty >> work. >> the police don't get involved. > > Wow. So you guys get around the constitutional protections (oh, > wait...) by having a de-facto police force which isn't bound to play by > the rules. Wow. I don't believe we have any constitutional protections, since we have no such thing as a constitution! We serfs (the general populous) can be pushed around at will by anyone who controls, or has influence, upon the legislative wing. Our country has a long tradition of getting one set of downtrodden to beat down on another set of downtrodden which the "powers that be" don't get involved. Our Police are simply not interested in anything to do with people - they avoid turning up to "domestic incidents", citing that it's not their problem, child abuse/persecution, since that is for Social Services to deal with, car crime, since that's a matter for insurance companies, as is burglary and housebreaking. Stand in protest about unjust taxes, like we did in the early to mid-90s when the Poll Tax was introduced (which essentially was a tax on our right to vote), and the whole Force comes out in strength. Britain is just fucked ... It really is! The best we can do is just not think about it. Our laws make no sense and it really is those with the most money can pay for their otherwise highly dubious interpretation. Two examples, which I'm not really interested in any moral stance about the matters, but: 1. We can get a 1,000 UKP fine for using a mobile phone while driving. Have a front seat passenger hold the phone to your ear while you're driving and the matter is then debateable if the Police decide to stop you. However, if someone infront of you is blatantly using a mobile phone and you see a Police car behind you while waiting at traffic lights, what would you do. Suppose you get out of your car and tell the Police about it, should you be shocked to find they tackle you about leaving your vehicle unattended while running, causing a danger to other motorists? Should you be aghast when you see the Police blatantly using their mobile phones while driving at 40 MPH in a 30 MPH past one of their own "Community Accident Reduction Vehicles" (erm, Community Cash Extraction Vehicles!). 2. Hunting with dogs. Okay we can't hunt with dogs now. We can hunt and have our dogs tag along. Not me, personally, but you see the trouble with this one. I almost joined the Countryside Alliance "just because" over this one. It is simply retarded! How can you possibly police that? How can you question a dog about his motives? So, Rex, when you tagged along with your master on that hunt and then dashed to catch that fox, was your master hunting with you, or did you do it on your own volition? It's just dumb! >> Unless of course the bailiff/debt collector calls them to defend >> them/assist in getting entry, to take your goods to make good the money >> owed. > > Sounds like a great way to get ventilated, over here. And I'm certain > that a civilian subcontractor to the police would either be bound by the > same rules as the police, or they wouldn't have the protections of the > police, and would be just another bad guy breaking into the house. > Which, as I say, is an unhealthy career choice. Like Bail Bondsmen, who "don't really use bounty hunters", there is a very fine line between acting within the law and getting away with it. You can refuse entry to bailiffs, who will take a strong arm within the law, of course, but any complaint by victim will always result in the "law" falling on the side of the bailiff. In some of the more seedy areas around the country where I've lived, it comes as no surprise when those kind of people turn up in local canals or shot in the kneecaps. > Do you have any links where I could read more about this whole bailiff > thing and how it works over there? I think if you googled for "send(ing) in the bailiffs", you'll find a stack of pertinent links. Paul 1989 900 Turbo S

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