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Date: 1 Sep 2006 21:54:50 -0700
From: "Jon R. Pickens" <>
Subject: Re: Daytime running lights...what's the deal?

Dave Hinz wrote: > Then get the hell out of the way. Or don't be in the way in the first > place. Had you been paying better attention to your surroundings it > wouldn't have got to that. I would hardly call driving down the road, minding my own business as being "in the way". Look, I already said that maybe I should've clarified what kind of situations I've been subjected to while driving. The light-flashing is bad enough, but I've yet to experience someone simply flashing their lights from a safe distance. It's always accompanied by tailgating and just generally aggressive driving. I simply will not condone that type of behavior, and whoever decides to act like that behind me can expect some level of retaliation. Besides, what if I'm passing a bunch of cars in the right lane?? If I can't get over, I'm not going to speed up to 90mph, just so I can accommodate somebody behind me. I usually stay in the right lane anyway, so I'm bound to get back over as soon as I can. If someone is so impatient that they feel the need to harass me into "getting out of the way" then they can just wait. Not my problem... > "he started it". Gotcha. I take it you're the type to get up on someone's rear bumper and lay on the high-beams when their speed is inconvenient to you... > > Being behind the wheel of an emergency vehicle is a different situation > > altogether. > How so? Situational awareness. Know what the fark is going on around > you. If you ignore the other guy, you're probably one of those ignoring > the ambo or firetruck too. Just because I can see someone coming up behind me at what I consider an unsafe speed doesn't mean I necessarily have the time or ability to react. See above about the right-hand lane being blocked by other motorists. Sometimes you just can't get over, and if I'm already speeding to get past those motorists, I'm not going to speed up even more to please the dickhead behind me flashing his lights and riding my ass like a maniac. Like I said, I'm guilty of occasionally speeding as much as anyone. I usually go a little faster than the posted limit on back roads, and I try to stay with traffic on the interstates, even when everyone else is doing 10mph over the speed limit. I consider that to be safer than being the one lone driver *actually* doing 55mph when everyone else is doing 65-70mph. > > Again, sorry if I didn't clarify properly before, but I'm not an > > aggressive driver. I simply react to those drivers in a less than > > friendly way. Hope this clears it up. > Yeah, "but mooooom, he started it". I got that earlier already but > thanks for confirming. Hey...I have to put up with insane traffic jams everyday on the way in and back out of work. Those traffic jams exist before I get there in the morning, (I didn't "start" them) and they're always caused by some jackass who did something stupid and screwed it up for everyone else. Someone has to fight these assholes...if they get behind me and start their shit, I will do whatever I can to make their life more difficult than it needs to be. ~jp

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