Date: 1 Sep 2006 13:29:35 -0700
From: "Jon R. Pickens" <>
Subject: Re: Daytime running lights...what's the deal?

Replies inline... Dave Hinz wrote: > On Fri, 01 Sep 2006 11:24:15 -0400, Fred W <Malt_Houndnospamm-me-not*> wrote: > > Jon R. Pickens wrote: > >> I have been "flashed" a few times... Usually by someone who feels that > >> my travelling 10mph over the posted speed limit isn't quite fast > >> enough. > > > > I don't get you. It's OK for you to go 10mph over the speed limit but > > someone that wants to go 15mph over is a fool? > > Sure Fred, it's called selectivivity. Anyone else doing it is a fool > but it's OK when he does it. Who said they were going 5mph more than me?? Certainly not me. Stop assuming. I didn't say they were a fool for speeding... I'm as guilty as anyone of doing it. The problem I have is with the rudeness of flashing lights in my face from behind--ALWAYS accompanied by extreme tailgating. I have yet to experience someone calmly pulling up behind me, maintaining a safe distance, and giving me a quick couple of flashes to let me know they're behind me and wish to pass. That would certainly be acceptable. Instead, they come up from behind, not going 5mph faster than me, but often (in my estimation) 15mph or so faster. My going 80mph in a 70mph zone may warrant a ticket, but the speeds at which these folks are going (95mph+) is considered reckless in most places I know. Then at the very last second they slam on their brakes to avoid hitting me, and maintain a very unsafe 4ft distance. I especially like it when they pull a little to the left to make sure and align their headlight with my side mirror. > >> If I see someone coming up faster than me, I'll usually move > >> over. But if someone comes up and flashes...well they can just wait > >> for a break in traffic in the next lane, and go around that way. > > > Passing on the right is illegal in some jurisdictions, and bad manners > > in all others. So because someone wants to pass you and they signal > > their intent by flashing their headlights, you would then intentionally > > block their way, thereby forcing them to make a (possibly illegal) less > > preferable right-side pass. > > I think the technical term here is "asshole". See above... I'm not the asshole... I'm just becoming slightly asshole-ish in response to the real assholes. ;-) > > Why are you so miffed by someone flashing their lights? It is a polite > > way to request that you to allow them to pass. I certainly prefer that > > to the ones that run up your tail. Or would you prefer they used their > > horn? > > Yup. See previous. I don't need to be "told" to move. Tailgating, flashing lights, and blowing the horn are all what I (and most people) would consider to be aggressive driving behavior. Maybe I should've clarified that the light-flashing is accompanied by tailgating. If I see someone gaining speed behind me, and I'm in the left lane, I'll politely move over. If someone comes right up on my ass, and flashes their lights to *tell me to move*, then fuck 'em. Sorry, they can *ask*, but I won't tolerate what I consider harrassment. > >> Sounds like the folks in the UK still have road manners...something > >> people here in the US, particularly my town, lost a long time ago. > > > People with good road manners would just pull aside and allow faster > > cars to pass no matter what signaling methods they use. > > Yeah, it's pretty funny that after his litany of bad road manners, he > laments the loss of good road manners here, isn't it? Well, like I said above, the only time I get rude is in response to someone else. I don't initiate it. To the contrary, I consider myself a very safe driver and have only had one wreck since I began driving on my 16th birthday. That was a few weeks after getting my first car--a Chevy Caprice Classic, which was much bigger and heavier than the cars I'd learned to drive on. I didn't realize what it's stopping and handling characteristics were until the day I had to slam on the brakes on wet roads. Lesson learned, no more wrecks. > > By the way, before you accuse me of being a "rude" driver, I very seldom > > flash drivers to pass. I'm just not in that much of a rush... > > I do from time to time, but only when I'm driving an emergency vehicle. > Then there's plenty of flashing and audio going on, and sometimes the > idiots _still_ don't pull over. (shrug) that's what the Motorola is > for. Tends to get expensive and maybe they learn from it. Being behind the wheel of an emergency vehicle is a different situation altogether. Such behavior comes with the territory, and should be expected and respected by other drivers in case of an emergency. I've seen a few situations in my life where emergency vehicles couldn't get through because people simply wouldn't move out of the way. Recently I witnessed a driver take advantage of the situation. When traffic started to clear to allow the ambulance through, a driver pulled out before the ambulance and used the newly open road to escape the traffic jam. Now *that* is an asshole. Again, sorry if I didn't clarify properly before, but I'm not an aggressive driver. I simply react to those drivers in a less than friendly way. Hope this clears it up. ~jp

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