Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2006 18:59:48 +0000
From: "Charles C." <>
Subject: Re: Wheel bearing

Denise wrote: > ----- Original Message ----- > From: "Charles C." <> > Newsgroups: > Sent: Sunday, November 05, 2006 11:22 PM > Subject: Re: Wheel bearing > > >> Hi again, >> >> Are you writing a book or something ;-) No you are not writing a book :-( > > I contacted the group about 6 months ago, shortly after my husband left me > and the kids. I had a car to get through it's mot and wasn't sure how much > it should cost. They also helped me out after the garage worked on the > brakes.....then I developed clutch problems . The garge was ready to charge > me 600 quid for a new clutch the group suggested Yeap, me and a couple of others I remembered the suggestion hence the point if you are writing a book. I get a friend to bleed the > clutch system............they saved me 580. I kept my job (not very well > paid but keeps a roof over our heads because I was able to keep the car on > the road......and that is not an exaggeration!) You might need said friend again. See below... >> Denise wrote: >>> Hello again, >>> About 6 months ago I had to have a wheel bearing sorted out on my H reg >>> Saab >>> 9000. About 3 months later it didn't 'feel right'. Now it seems as bad as >>> ever. Is it usual for this to happen in such short a time? >> What were the symptoms that meant a bearing had to be changed? >> What are the symptoms of "does not feel right" now? > > There was a a bit of 'movement' through the steering I could detect, it's > difficult to describe, but its the same again. I am tempted to say it is not the bearing. Try the following ... Find a nice road with (gentle) sweeping left and right curves. Get a nice steady speed and get used to the noise of the car. Watch if the noise coming from the wheels changes as you go through the curves. As you go through a left curve the right side of the car will be loaded more and vice-versa. If there is a faulty bearing you will get more noise when you load the side with the faulty bearing. The change in sound can be (not as loud but ...) the same as when you move from a piece of smooth tarmac to tarmac that is a bit more rough. Looking for simple faults (guessing) * the garage did not replace the bearing and just tightened it more. * the nut on the driveshaft that holds everything in place (under pressure) is loose (and thus the bearing may have been hurt, but simple re-tightening may fix the problem). More likely though... * a bad ball joint or * a steering knuckle joint ... some issue with the mounting of the suspension strut (MacPherson strut) Worse of all (depending on price) the play is actually in the steering rack. OK. You are none the wiser now (neither am I). Most of the faults I am listing above would show in a simple MOT test. I would go to a trustworthy MOT garage, and ask them to check the front suspension as if they were doing an MOT test. It should not cost you the full MOT cost. It might even be best if said friend (man I guess, as they are more likely to do you being a woman) can take the car for you and wait whilst they check it so he can see what is the problem. > >> Whatever, it can be another bearing or something else. >> >>> The same garage stripped the turbo down.....and it still has a leak. >> Sorry I can't comment. What garage is this. Your local? Do you take the car for the MOT there. Does it come recommended? They seem to do a lot of work on your car, and they also wanted to do a clutch for 600. >> >> They >>> did an oil change and I ran out of oil within 2 months. I don't >>> understand >>> any of what goes on under the bonnet. Is it worth going to complain after >>> all this time? Do I have a complaint? >> I think you have a very unwell car. I would look for any significant >> dripping of oil, and it it is not there then the oil is getting burned >> (it shouldn't). > > There is no evidence of any oil loss either dripping or burning, and it > hasn't used any oil since it was topped up by a freind of mine. Start again. It run out of oil. Then your friend topped it up, and it has been OK since? Has it run for as long (mileage) as it did from the oil change till you found it empty? > >>> To make matters worse I now have a battery light coming on, I'm not sure >>> if >>> the battery isn't holding charge or something isn't charging the battery. >> Probably just alternator brushes or the alternator itself. > > Any ideas on price? The brushes are just small pieces of carbon like those here Finding them may not be too easy ... but I would say less then 5. The labour to fit them could be more than replacing the alternator (as the alternator would have to take it out). The problem with doing it in a garage is that the garage may not be happy to replace the brushes, charge the full labour only for something else to go wrong and you go back complaining. Ask friend again? If the battery light comes on you *must* fix the problem (It may be the alternator or a bad battery or ... you need a proper diagnosis). You will end up with a flat battery and immobile!!! > >>> Any ideas how I can tell without spending cash at a garage? I'm pretty >>> broke >>> and struggling to keep the car on the road for work. >> I think you have got the wrong car. Keeping an old SAAB running and not >> DIYing it will be expensive! Too expensive! > > Originally the Saab was my choice of car, now as I'm on my own it's hard to > look after but I can't afford to part with. I really do have to keep her > going at least for another 6 months if at all possible. I understand. Battery light first. If you need a complete alternator (the ones I see on a couple of internet outlets are between 80-120 +VAT +PP) worth buying locally if you can ... then I would also try to get that half MOT test done. You need to know how serious (money and/or safety) the two problems you have are ... and how much they will cost in total. See how far you get with this group. There are some knowledgeable people at They might be able to recommend an honest garage in your area. Hope it helps a little. Regards Charles -- Please remove _removeme_ to reply.

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