Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2006 12:08:19 +0000
Subject: Re: Thats all folks!

On Fri, 24 Nov 2006 10:30:56 GMT, "Swampy Bogtrotter" <> wrote: >Nabs wrote: >> Hello and Goodbye from me! > >Finally he gets the masage that he's not wanted here. > >> Earlier this year I posted to this newsgroup about disabled >> discrimination on Haverhill Town Council. > >You've posted so much shite and rubbish that no-one can remember.....Or >care. > >> It was on this newsgroup that I met legend and warrior Peter Turtill, >> slayer of trolls and champion of the disabled... I salute you sir. > >Sorry, You just made me spray coffee all over the place. >Are we talkng about the same lying, conniving, abusing, libeling, >law-breaking vandal with an admitted penchant for underage sex that is known >as Peter Turtill? > >That's one hell of a good joke Nads. > >> It was here on this newsgroup that I met a beast of a troll called >> Anthony Bournes, a racist, gay-bashing, naturist with a fondness to >> have sex with handicapped children. > >Why do you mention a fondness to have sex with handicapped children? >You are a convicted pedophile. >Are you saying you draw some sort of distinction between sex with children >and sex with disabled children? >Ae you implying that what you did was okay, because those children wern't >disabled? > >There is only one convicted pedophile here Dane, and that's YOU. > >> A man who spends most of his life >> posting to a couple of dead newsgroups on the internet, talking to >> himself via his many sock puppets and having fantasies about having >> sex with me, Peter Turtill or with disabled children. > >Sex with you and turtill? Okay thats a new one. When did you invent this >one? >You've mentioned sex with disabled children so many times now that I'm >beginning to think you've got a bit of an obsession. >Are you trying to live out your sordid pedophile fantasies through Tone by >proxy? > >> creature is Anthony Bournes, a low creature that infests Andover and >> the real life equivalent of Golum in Lord of Rings, except more >> pathetic. His "precious" is not his wife or daughter, who I am told >> hate him, but something small that he yanks out and rubs the moment > >You see, what you've just describes is actually Peter Turtill. > >> someone mentions me, Turtill or disabled children. > >There you go again with your disabled children obsession. >You really should be locke away for the protection of all these children yu >constantly fantasise about you sicko. > >> I have asked is it worth going after this pathetic creature called >> Anthony Bournes through the courts. He is old, mentally disabled and >> nothing more than worthless trash, not worth wasting any more of my >> life on. > >Translation: >I have asked is it worth going after this pathetic creature called >Anthony Bournes through the courts, but was told I don't have any kind of >cas against him as all the evidence proves that *I* was the one harrassing >*HIM*, and besides, given my history of being convicted for harassment and >pedophillia, I would hold absolutely no credibility whatsoever in the eyes >of the courts. > >> So I will not waste any more time on this piece of rubbish, >> however I will post on a full article on this troll called >> Anthony Bournes, so that Peter Turtill can post a link to it to warn >> other people about this Bournes vermin. > >Translation: >I will post it on my pathetic little 1-page website which pulls hardly any >traffic and no-one knows or cares about. > >> To Peter Turtill. It has been an honour knowing you. Likewise, Bournes >> has tried to paint a negative picture of you, but your strength and >> honour shines forth like a blazing sun and chases away any of the >> shadows that the troll has tried to paint you as. > >Are you blind, stupid, retarded or just being deliberately provocative? > >> Again, a small >> dedication to you Peter sir shall be made on to mark a true >> disabled champion. > >On a website that no-one will ever see. > >> I know that you will go from strength to strength. > >Yeah, I've heard he smells quite bad too. > >> You owned Anthony Bournes and Derek Hornby, > >Does he have a certificate or receipt proving ownership? >Or are you talking like a 17 year old American skater dude? >Grow up. > >> and as your enemies rot >> and die in their own decay you will go from strength to strength, in a >> long, happy and successful life. > >Unlikely. He's old, and he'll die soon. > >> To the Haverhill Town Council. You got owned by the disabled today in >> court. > >Do they have a certificate or receipt proving ownerhip? >Did ou pick that teenage skater dude language up from the kids down the >local skate park that you so desperately want to molest? > >> I started posting here in this newsgroup highlighting the >> discrimination of disabled people by Haverhill Town Council. I now >> with the disabled victory in the courts against Haverhill Town >> Council today now end my time in this newsgroup. > >Translation: >My parole officer has told me I must stop posting abuse and lies to usenet. > >> I believe this newsgroup to be all but dead, > >Only because you and Turtill have killed it. You have contributed greatly to the nonsense on Usenet. pete --

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