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Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 12:21:54 -0700
From: gingmc <mrsegg961nospamcom>
Subject: Re: engine light and ignition issues

Hi all and thank you for your input. I did take the car to a differnet Saab technician and the computer told him that the car dieing when I idoled in gear, the trouble starting the car and the other errors were all due to the "crankcase" sensor being bad. That was replaced, and I have happily driven by Saab 3/4 of the way across the US with no problems. Thanks again for your input and reassurance that I didn't damage the engine by putting a tank of regular unleaded fuel into the tank. I have since been using only medium grade or premium grade unleaded fuel (depending on the octane rating) and have been getting about 33mpg highway. You guys are terrific. Best, Ginger On Jul 14, 9:25 am, "Richard" <rootnospamlhost> wrote: > "gingmc" <mrsegg...nospamcom> wrote in message > > > > > > > > > Hi, > > I just purchased my first Saab. It is a 2002 9-5 Linear sedan with > > about 70k miles. I love the car, however, the second day I owned it I > > started having a couple of issues with it. I hope you all can give me > > some insight. > > > I purchased the car in Phoenix, AZ and headed for Denver, CO straight > > from the dealer's lot. It ran like a top until the end of the first > > day, then when I stopped for fuel, the car would turn over, but > > wouldn't start until the 2nd or 3rd attempt. By the beginning of the > > 2nd day, I would have to wait 10 or 15 minutes, with the hood open, > > before the car would start. By the time I was 50 miles out of Denver, > > the check engine light came on and I had to wait about 40 minutes > > until the car would start. All other gauges, idiot lights and > > messages were normal. The oil, gas, transmission, and radiator fluids > > were fresh and full. Temp is completely normal, engine purrs like a > > kitten and once it starts, the car runs like a top. > > > I called a Saab dealer in Denver to make an appointment to have it > > checked, and to see if I needed to have it towed in the rest of the > > way (due to the check engine light). The service tech I spoke with > > didn't address the issue of the car not starting, but did insist that > > one fill up with Regular unleaded gasoline, rather than the Premium, > > had probably done considerable damage to my engine. > > > Before I take it in on Monday, I would like to hear any opinions about > > why the car isn't starting correctly and get your opinions about the > > possibility of damage to the engine. (I read an article prior to > > purchase that Saabs could run on any grade of fuel, as the engine > > senses engine knock and adjusts accordingly.) > > > I contacted the dealer in Phoenix (Mercedes Benz dealer) and his > > service department felt the starting issue has to do with the change > > in altitude and that it only needs an adjustment to the oxygen/fuel > > ratio. > > > Again, I would be most grateful for any advice on sorting this all > > out. > > Thanks > > Hi, > You want to know what the check-engine-light says.. have someone read the > error code from the computer so you know where to look for the cause. > > Was there not an issue when the filler cap was not closed properly with some > models? But then again, that would not make the car start bad, only the > check engine light come on. > > The talk of "the wrong" fuel is nonsense IMHO, the engine should be able to > adjust to anything reasonable you give it, also to varying driving > conditions, such as temperature and air pressure/ height. > Thats what the engine management computer is for. No manual readjusting > necessary. > > I would go right back to whoever sold you the car, and get them to fix the > problem. I mean: they did sell you a "good" car, right? Then it should not > fail within a day. > > My guesses at the cause from half an earth away: > - a temperature sensor broke or loose connection (40%, there is more than 1 > tempsensor I assume) > - air-mass-meter broke (5 %) > - cold-start valve broke or connection bad (5%) > - Bad electrical connection to any of the sensors or actuators (5%) > - REALLY bad fuel (not likely.. 0.01 %) > - Other cause (99%) ;) > > Good luck, > Richard.- Hide quoted text - > > - Show quoted text -

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