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Date: 25 Aug 2007 12:22:29 GMT
Subject: MI5 Persecution: Neil Fox (March/1998) (5753)

Neil Fox's Juke Box on Capital Radio (week ending 15/March/1998) Certainty level: 70% Here is an excerpt from Neil Fox's show on Capital Radio 95.8FM, sometime during the week ending Sunday 15/March/1998 (probably during the weekend, but I don't remember). First I will give the text of the conversation between Neil Fox and telephone caller Martin, then I will state my interpretation. (conversation) (F=Dr Fox, M=Martin the caller) F: coming up on the jukebox, the hotline's 0171-4848-958, just a quick shout here and so who's this going to be then Mr Producer? (staff, shouting) MARTIN! F: Couldn't quite hear you, it's going to be? (staff, normal voice) Martin. F: Thank you. Martin, hello. M: Hello, Foxy. F: How are you Martin. M: Er, knackered. F: Why? M: Didn't get much sleep last night. Party down the road. F: What time did you go to bed? M: Four o'clock this morning. F: Well that sounds quite a reasonable Saturday night if you ask me. M: I was up at eight. F: You were up at eight this morning? M: Yeah. F: That's sick. Why? What on earth made you get out of bed at eight this morning? M: My father. F: Well that's no good. Why is he being sicko, is he being a sadist? M: No, he out there, sort of clearing room. F: Listen, is your dad there? M: No, he's downstairs. F: Oh mate, can you get him? M: No. F: Does he not let you on the phone? The only reason is that I wouldn't mind having a chat with someone who makes anyone get up at eight o'clock on a Sunday morning. I'm sorry, that's ill isn't it, that's out of order. M: It's sick. F: I'm just going to ask around here. What do you think then, eight o'clock Sunday morning? That's out of order isn't it, for any father? (staff) Yeah, definitely. F: Is he like victimising you or something, is there any reason why he wanted you up at eight o'clock? To clean your room? M: Well as I say I got up at eight this morning to clean my room and it looks worse that it did yesterday. F: Well I should have just left it and stayed in there until eleven o'clock if I was you. M: Well I was up, I didn't get out of bed. F: What, you didn't get out of bed at eight o'clock? No, he woke you up at eight o'clock. Did you do any cleaning at all? M: I haven't touched my bedroom. F: Top man. Boy you're going to get your arse kicked later aren't you. Now a song for you, what can we play? M: Guns and Roses, "Sweet Child of Mine". F: And we're going to dedicate this to your father? M: No we're not, we'll dedicate this to my good mate Jamie, who's sitting on the bed now. F: Right, hello Jamie. And anyone else? Any top totty in your life at the moment? M: Unfortunately no. F: The totty factor is quite low at the moment is it? M: It's dead. F: It's dead? What, nothing? M: Nothing. F: What, zero? Well, that's pathetic. No wonder you're down. You stay out til four o'clock and nothing. We'd better have words when we're off the radio I think. We need to give you a team talk. You have a good night tonight. M: And you. F: Take care. (song starts) F: Actually something was going through my mind. I think I'll leave it. I'm not really sure whether this is in any way about me. It probably isn't. Probably it's just my nasty suspicious mind finding links where none exist. However, here is an explanation of why it might, possibly, be about me. Throughout this interview, I was throwing abuse at the radio, and to my mind, Neil Fox was hearing the abuse, and responding interactively. This explains why he sounds so stressed when talking to telephone caller Martin, and the general violence of his words including "Boy you're going to get your arse kicked later aren't you". The piece starts of with the producer shouting the name of the caller, which might be related to my loud vocalisations at the radio. The trouble starts off with Fox saying "That's sick". "Sick" might be taken as a reference to my condition. Then Fox says, "Why is he being sicko, is he being a sadist?", again sick = my illness, "sadist" = attitude of my oppressors towards me. "that's ill isn't it" = further comment on my illness. "Is he like victimising you or something" = again what my enemies are doing to me. Fox sounds quite happy when he gets Martin to say "It's sick"; as you would expect him to, if the comment were directed at me. It is a constant feature of my enemies' harassment of me that they get intermediaries to verbalise the abuse. Immediately after saying "victimising you" Fox gives a little laugh, to show he thinks the victimisation (of me, not Martin) is funny. Fox gets increasingly nasty as the piece progresses. "Boy you're going to get your arse kicked later aren't you" is not really what you would expect him to say if he were just talking to Martin. Fox is on the same side as Martin, so why would he be so verbally aggressive to him? On the other hand, if the piece is about me, then his strong words start to make sense. Fox's jubilation at finding that Martin's "totty factor" is "dead" again doesn't make much sense unless you think that he might not be considering Martin's totty factor, but mine, since it's a fairly well known fact that my "totty factor" is not significantly above zero. To round off the 135 second interchange, just as the next track is starting, Fox says, "Actually something was going through my mind. I think I'll leave it". Given that I was chucking abuse at Fox throughout, it is only natural for him have thought up a reply that he would have wished to have made, except that such a reply would (a) probably not be suitable for a family show, and (b) have given the game away completely. So there you are. You the jury, what say you in the case of plaintiff vs. Neil Fox's Juke Box, guilty or not guilty? 5753 -- Posted via - Premium Uncensored Newsgroup Service ------->>>>>><<<<<<------ Unlimited Access, Anonymous Accounts, Uncensored Broadband Access

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