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SAAB 900 Series 1979-1993
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1. Drive the car onto a car lift, but do not lift it up yet.
2. Unload the suspension wishbones on both sides using tool 8393209 positioned under the upper wishbone. (A couple of wood blocks can also be used - ed)
3. Raise the car to half-height and remove the front wheels.
4. Raise the car to full height.
Points 5-11 only apply to cars without pre-drilled holes.  
5. Position the drilling template on the reinforcing beam (Z-beam). Hold the template against the the suspension swivel clamp, and along the weld.
6. Mark and drill the two 3 mm dia. holes.
7. Enlarge the holes to 22 mm dia. with a hole saw. These holes are necessary in order to drill fixing holes in the upper side of the beam.

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