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SAAB 900 Series 1979-1993
Page Five
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1. Position a support under the spring arm, in front of the spring.
2. Remove the two nuts for the forward attachment of the spring arm, and lower the spring arm - one side at a time.
3. Replace the front spring arm screws (M12 X 80) with longer screws (M12 X 90). Fit the screws from the outer side of the car. Do not fit the nuts yet.
4. Remove the spring arm rear screws (M12 X 110).
5. Fit the rubber cover on the anti-roll bar according to the figure.
6. Attach the anti-roll bar to the front screws. Fit new nuts, but do not tighten them.
7. Raise the anti-roll bar into position and fit the new longer rear screws (M12 X 150). Fit new nuts but do not tighten them.


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