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SAAB 900 Series 1979-1993
Page Four
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 16. Lubricate the inner bearing surfaces of the anti-roll bar, the fixing clamps and the rubber bushes(both on the inside and the outside). Use the grease supplied in the kit.
17. Fit the rubber bushes with the slits facing forwards. Mount the anti-roll bar with the fixing clamps and spacers. Tighten the screws somewhat but not completely.
18. Lubricate the outer bearing surfaces of the anti-sway bar and the outer attachment bearing surfaces with the grease included in the kit.
19. Push the outer attachments onto the anti-roll bar and fix to the screws on the lower ball joint. Tighten.
20. Center the anti-roll bar so that the outer partts on both sides are are located in the attachments.
21. Tighten both of the inner boot clamps completely.
22. Refit the sterring rack. Use new nuts.

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