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Classifieds Scams Explained...

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Update: 9/19: I keep the following page updated with the scammers that get reported to me via the site: Click Here.

Update: 1/22: My NEW BIGGEST check to date by over $10K: $29,500. Yes, they are still running this scam two decades later...

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, there are criminals on the Internet. Every single web site on the Internet has these problems and that includes The Saab Network. The best way to combat fraud is to educate yourself, If something is unbelievably good - then do not believe it. If you are suspicious and unsure of how to proceed - ASK SOMEONE ELSE. The info below is here in order to help you recognize a scam in progress... okay, it might be a little entertaining too...
If you've already read the basic scam explanation below then... Click Here For More Adventures with Nigerian Scammers!

The Classic Over-Pay Scam!

As soon as someone says they will over-pay for your classified item, your scam antenna should come up and start scanning immediately!

The How It Works Summary

A scammer will express interest in your whatever and eventually offer to over-pay. This usually comes in one of two forms:

1. The scammer, usually from overseas, expresses interest in your item for sale. When you agree on terms, he indicates payment will be made by third party cashier's check (if your scam antennas didn't go up at that, then you need to adjust your scam antennas). In fact, the scammer has a friend in the US who owes him some money, so the friend will send a certified cashier's check that includes the amount needed to pay you plus what is owed the scammer.

For example, a $7500 check would be sent to cover a $1500 used car. These checks usually are drawn on a US bank but, strangely enough, arrive via an International Fed Ex! The scammer really needs the extra cash ASAP (i.e. before you find out that the cashier's check is a counterfeit), so he offers to let you keep an additional few hundred bucks for your time and trouble to arrange the wire. Well, you are no dummy, you think to yourself. You'll deposit the check, wait 4 business days, and then wire the money. The problem is that your fake check must travel all the way to the institution whose name appears on it before they stamp a big ole COUNTERFEIT on it. That will take at least a week and usually ten days. The funds will be subtracted from your account in full. The scammer will never arrange to have your silly item for sale shipped...

2. A scammer will contact you and offer to buy your $3000 car but must pay with a "refund payment" from another customer who cancelled their order. Again, a cashier's check for $9000 will be sent and you must immediately wire the difference... Yes, people have actually fallen for this stuff. I find it unbelievable!

Having Fun With a Scammer

If you're bold enough, you can get yourself a souvenir counterfeit cashier's check and a story to tell at your next cocktail party. Here's my scammer story as it unfolded. [Disclaimer: I'm not suggesting you be bold enough. Maybe you should just live vicariously through my writing ;-). I have a very good relationship with my banking institution and keep an average balance well in excess of the amount of this cahsier's check. In the end, my bank did assess me a $5.00 returned check fee, which I am only too happy to pay for any inconveniences it may have caused them, which is basically none.)

I get contacted out of the blue by S. Jill from a public mail account who is interested in buying my used Saab for $1400. My scam antennas pop up mostly because I don't have any used Saabs for sale. I write him back saying I would be honored to sell him my used Saab!

From: s jill
Hello Scott,

am really interested in purchasing your car and thanks for your
i will like to know your name,phone number and address which you will use to
receive the payment by certified cashier;s check payable in america funds.

so am looking forward to read from you soonest.


S. Jill

S Jill emails me back to explain the part about someone else in the US owing him some money (Jill's the nice kind of guy who lends thousands of dollars to his friends overseas, I can tell! I am honored to be associated with S Jill! Maybe someday he will loan me thousands too!). I agree completely to help him secure those funds - who knows, maybe he will give me a little something for my time.

From: s jill 
   thanks for the response to my Purchase-Enquiry,and so i am ready to
purchase the 1988 900 Turbo as soon as possible.The payment($1400 USD)will be
made via Cashiers Check drawn on a US Bank,cos there is some-one in the
United-State who is owing me some money,who i can instruct him to make out a
check to you,but the funds he his owing me is $7,500 USD Which i believe is
the fastest way the payment could be made,because if the check is to be sent
to me,it will take about 30 days to clear here in my country,but if it's paid
directly to you,it will take up to 2-3 days to clear and so i am willing to
entrust you with the excess funds on the cost,which you must send to me via
Western Union as soon as the Check clears in your Bank.My Shipper will be
onground to pick-up the 1988 900 Turbo in your location to sign the relevant
titles and papers on my behalf as soon as we seal the transaction and the
paymentis made.So if my Payment terms is acceptable with you,you can go ahead
and mail back to know.
 waiting to hear your fruitful responce.

I reply: From: Scott Yes, I'm glad to help out in this way. If I understand you correctly, I'll keep $1,400 for the car and then I would wire you $6,100 after which you'll arrange for your shippers to come get the car. I'll include the signed-over title of the car in the glove compartment so that it'll arrive with the car.

If there's anything else you need, just let me know.



Strangely enough, I do not hear anything from this scammer until April 23rd. I assumed this one got off the hook and I wouldn't hear anything else. However, he sends this email:

From: s jill 
Hey,sorry for the late response i have send your data to my client and said
you will receive the payment as soon as possible and he will mail me with the
tracking number,so as soon as he mail me, i will mail it to you.

Well, I think to myself, let's start playing with this guy a little bit. I mean, really, he didn't reply for almost two weeks. I suspect that he had to make up his little checks and get all the Fed Ex way bills filled out, so my check is probably in transit.

And I reply...

From: Scott
Sorry, I thought you had disappeared. I have another interested buyer at this
time here locally so the car is no longer available. I will have another Saab
available in a couple of weeks, same year and model and specs, but it is a
different color, red. The mileage is 10,000 miles less. If you don't find the
color you are looking for, you can let me know if red is okay. The price is a
couple hundred more since this car has fewer miles.


The great day has arrived! My $7500 souvenir counterfeit cashier's check has arrived! I know what you are thinking, "but Scott, what if this is a real check and he really does want to buy your Saab?". Have no fears, gullible reader. I want a real souvenir. I race to the bank (okay, I was having lunch with a friend and it happened to be near the bank) and actually deposit the check. I figure sure, they could charge me a fee for depositing a bad check, but I'm more than happy to pay it. I want that big ole' COUNTERFEIT stamped on my souvenir scam check or it's no real souvenir, now is it!

In this day of heightened security, FedEx sure allows for some really lax way bill info. Take a look at the scan of the way bill. Where the hell did it come from? And I wonder how much an international FedEx costs?!

Here is also a screen capture from the FedEx web site for the tracking info:

I have not emailed anything back to Mr. S. Jill yet and I know he must be getting anxious. He knows he has only the time between when I receive the check and when it comes back marked counterfeit to try to collect his money.

I get the following from said scammer:

From: s jill 
     did you receive my last mail concern the payment on the way to your
location, i am very disapoint in you concern the car and also i am having
bayer's mind on the transaction cos i have contacted my client and said you
must have receive the payment by now and more so i will like you to mail
back, how we are going to seal in transaction and to know if you have get
another saad or the other one i order for is still available.
Hey but i have send the down the payment to the address which you gave me to
send down the payment to,so i will like you to advise me on how to do this
when the payment arrive and i will like you to mail me back immediately.So i
await for your quick and fruitful response.
My regards.

Okay, first of all, it's a SAAB not a SAAD. Jeez! Du Calme, du calme!

Well, now I need to buy myself some time for the check to make its way to Arizona and then back to my bank and back to me. What to do, what to do? *Ding* I craft a fake Auto Reply saying that I am on vacation for one week. He doesn't know that I've received or deposited the check. I've kept the scammer in a vulnerable position with little information. Here's what I send back:

From: Scott
Hello - this is an automated response:

I will be away on vacation until Monday May 5th and will not be checking
voicemail or email during that time. If you need immediate assistance, please
contact my administrative assistant at I will return all
calls and emails upon my return.

Thank you and sorry I missed your email! ;-)


Oh, you can imagine the fit into which this put the scammer. I then received numerous emails which you can read below. I didn't respond to anything because hey, I was on vacation. I was sipping Coconut Pina Coladas in Kauai... er, I wish I had been at least:


From: s jill 
Hi Scott,

Did you receive my last mail,I have been busy for the past few days,my client
told me you should have receive the cheque by now,by via FEDEX COURRIER
SERVICE.....he said the cheque would clear within 24hours because it is a
Certified Cashier's Cheque.........once you cash the funds on Teusday, i will
like you to do me a favour, i will like you to go and cash the cheque and
send the fund to my secretary so i will like you to deduct $200 out of the
fund as soon as possible for compensating you for the effort in helping me to
send the funds. I want the funds sent out today by western-union money
transfer to my Secretary, by going to any western union outlet store close to
you. cos i was made to understand that outlet store charges is cheaper
compare to bank western union i want it done in an outlet store.
The funds should be sent in care of my secretary whose information
is as follows:

Mr. paul poker

15 rogers road,

e167eh london,

You will also need to provide me with the following information after
the funds must have been sent out:
Senders full name,Mtcn-control number,Text question & Answer.

Also do not fail to contact me if you need more information from me or if
you are not cleared on anything.
Awaiting your response.
Best regards



From: s jill 
Hey Scott,
   what is going,what surt of business is this,why are you trying to let the
third party to come in with this transaction, i will like you to mail me so i
can know what i can do about it cos my client where i said you should send
the funds to,they are waiting for it and that is why i said you should deduct
$200 out of the funds for compensating you for the effort of sending the
funds to them i will like you to do something fast on it as soon as possible.
i will more greatful if you can do this as soon as possible.
i will be looking forward your fruitful response.
My regards.

Oh No! Here come the ALL CAPS! This guy means business! I mean, it's serious now! He even calls me a, heavens-to-betsy, a "frudster"!


From: s jill 

5/2 So, he gives up realizing that I just might be away and I don't hear anything else after the ALL-CAPS message. On 5/2, I eagerly skip out to the mailbox hoping to see a nasty envelope from my bank and am rewarded. My check has been returned in seven full days. My bank debited my account for the $7500, plus a $5.00 returned check fee. I now know that the check is counterfeit (as if I had any doubt whatsoever) and I can step up my little game a notch.

5/5 I'm Hooome! Vacation was really excellent and now it's time to tackle my email inbox and the regular mail. What's this, a fed-ex has been waiting for me this whole time I've been away - that's too bad (wink wink). I reply to Mr. Jill's first email:

From: Scott
I got back from vacation today and your fed ex was waiting for me. Bad
timing. I should be getting a new used Saab in my inventory in about a week.
Should I deposit this check now or wait until then? It should be between
$1400 and $2400 for the same year Saab with about half the miles and same

Let me know how you'd like to proceed?


I figured, hey, this is monopoly money, let's just see how much of the fake money I can actually get the scammer to give up! Per our original agreement, I owe him the difference between the price of the car, $1400 and the check, which is $7500 = $6100. Of course, to his credit, he did offer to give me $200 for my time (what a sweet guy he is! The Best!). My email above yanks out an additional $1000 for me - cool! I can feel the money on my fingertips. Gosh, I hope he agrees.


From: s jill 
Good day Scott,
    Yes, I agree and thanks for your aknowledgement,ok i will be expecting
the funds tommorow.
Am looking forward to read from you soonest.
Regards to your family.

Well, you know, I can't let him off that easy and I've only got $1200 for my trouble so far. I'm catching up on the rest of my emails and now I find Mr Jill's accusation that I am a "frudster". I'm not happy about that so I send the following. At the same time, why not claim some more dollars for myself.

From: Scott
Hey now,

I'm catching up on my email and there's absolutely no reason to get huffy and
begin threatening me with "or else's". There was a big delay between when you
said you wanted the car and when you agreed to send payment. I thought you
had disappeared. Now, I don't have time to deposit the check today, but I
have plenty of funds to cover the whole amount anyway. I will deposit the
check tomorrow. In the meantime, since the new Saab is coming and it could
cost upto $2800, we should hold back that amount from the difference. I think
since you've been very slow to complete this transaction and a little rude,
an additional $500 should be held back for myself instead of the proposed
$200. That equals $3600 that I should wire to you tomorrow or as soon as I
hear back from you that this is agreeable.



The astute reader will realize there is a problem with the email above. Yes, the math used above is, in a phrase, Messed Up Big Time! $7500 minus $2400 (car) minus $200 (my bonus-woo hoo!) minus $400 (I just decided the car should cost $2800 instead of $2400) minus $300 (more bonus for me because Mr Jill was not nice in his email - that was uncalled for, don't you think?!) which equals $4200 NOT $3600... That's $600 bucks I've miscalculated right into my own pocket. Boy is Mr Jill going to be furious. I wonder if he'll pull out the ALL-CAPS again?


From: s jill 
Hi Scott,
am very sorry or that i did not mean to call you that,cos there is a lot of
frudsters on the internet now,am very sorry i don't know you are the kind of
fruitful man.
       yes, that would be fine and in regards to the shipping for the saad
when it arrive, don't worry about the shipping i have said it earlier that i
have a shipping agent that will come for the pick up in your location as soon
as will seal in transaction.
so i will like you to wire the funds today,and as soon as you have done so i
will you to provide me with the test question and the sender's name.
so am looking forward to read from you soonest.
My regards

Oh man, he still thinks he's buying a SAAD! Well, thankfully we got the 'frudsters' issue cleared up. But wait, did I actually receive his email with the apology... In this case, I decide that I did NOT receive it and I want it a few more times. I ignore this email and just pretend I have not yet heard from him:


From: Scott

I'd still like you to apologize for calling me a 'frudster'. I think I've
been very forthcoming and helpful. Please email before tomorrow so I can
complete our transaction.



He re-emails the same email as before so I wait until the 8th and again tell him that I am still waiting for his apology.


From: s jill 
Hi Scott,
    i have e-mail you before, for apologising you for calling you a frudster,
am very very sorry for that,i don't know you are the kind of fruitful man and
someone to trust on am really sorry.
so i will be looking forward to read from you soonest.
My regards to your family.

Okay, I've gotten all my apologies and my extra cash and my souvenir counterfeit cashier's check... I have to let Mr. Jill down lightly. I want his IP address logged in case it is different from the one I find in his emails so I send him the following:


From: Scott
Your Saab is here. The money is wired and pending your retrieval, but I'm not
going to give you the details until I hear back from you. They said it could
be held pending 10 days. Also, the Saab has arrived too, so we can arrange
that at your convenience.


5/12 (apparently scammers take weekends off)

            once again thanks for the mail please i am sorry for the negative
mail i sent to you i apologise for that ,i tried your phone number this
morning but could not get through ,i will like you to please send the infos
you used in sending the western union transfer e.g text question and
answer,senders name ,control number ,receivers name ,amount .i will apreciate
it if you can do that right away ,you can send it to my e-mail box there is
no problem i think it will be faster and safer that way so please send the
infos to my e-mail box today .

Wow, another apology even. Okay, the final coup de grace:


From: Scott
It's been great working with you. Email is not secure so I scanned all the
wire info documents and posted them here:


I should point out here that the link above is to a jpeg of the counterfeit check with the COUNTERFEIT stamped on it. Once seeing this, I'm assuming any reasonably intelligent person will know they've been had - as it turns out below, after Mr. Jill sees this (not once, but twice), he never emails me again... Now back to our regularly scheduled email

Let me know once you get it.



I doubt that I'll hear back from Mr. Jill, but if I do, you'll be sure to read about it. In fact, I've just yesterday started working with another scammer. One of my classifieds users emailed me a suspicious email and so I contacted the scammer right out of the blue. You can see that in the follow-on scammer section below.

Mr. Jill checked into my special link twice today. I think he looked once and then a few hours later, looked again because he just could not believe his eyes: - - [13/May/2003:11:41:54 -0700] "GET [SECRET URL DELETED] HTTP/1.1" 200 50407 - - [13/May/2003:14:40:17 -0700] "GET [SECRET URL DELETED] HTTP/1.1" 200 50407
I get nothing on an nslookup (no reverse DNS) and hence am not surprised that the follow-on traceroute does not work either after hop 19, but here it is for your information. It is indeed the same IP he uses when creating email.

Start: 5/13/03    7:02:32 PM 
Find route from:
             to: (, Max 30 hops, 40 byte packets
Host Names truncated to 32 bytes
 1                     (   ):     1ms        1ms        1ms   
 2 ip-64-139-33-17.dsl.sjc.megapath (   ):     3ms        4ms        6ms   
 3 ip-216-36-77-1.dsl.sjc.megapath. (    ):    44ms       13ms       14ms   
 4    (    ):    16ms       16ms       17ms   
 5 (  ):    18ms       16ms       16ms   
 6  (    15ms       16ms       18ms   
 7   (    81ms       82ms       89ms   
 8   (    83ms       82ms       90ms   
 9   (  ):   114ms       82ms       93ms   
10   ( ):    89ms      110ms       85ms   
11   (  ):   175ms      164ms      159ms   
12    (  ):   232ms      196ms      176ms   
13                    (  ):   177ms      159ms      158ms   
14                     (   ):   156ms      166ms      161ms   
15                   ( ):   243ms      474ms      258ms   
16                  (   265ms      275ms      290ms   
17      (   328ms      332ms      334ms   
18         ( ):   456ms      262ms      308ms   
19  (   270ms      274ms      297ms   
20     *          *          *     
21     *          *          *     
22     *          *          *     
23     *          *          *     
24     *          *          *     
25     *          *          *     
26     *          *          *     
27     *          *          *     
28     *          *          *     
29     *          *          *     
30     *          *          *     
•Maximum Hop Count Exceeded!!•

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  • What's up with Fed Ex in Poyle Great Britain? Without exception, all the scams reported on this page come from the Fed Ex Office there. Answer: Fed Ex was kind enough to assign a security agent to look into this and it turns out that packages presented to the Lagos Nigeria Fed Ex office are handled by hand and the first time they get an electronic scan is when they make it to the Poyle office next to Heathrow Airport. Thanks to Fed Ex for looking into this!
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    Other Folks Great Counterfeit Checks

    Here's my favorite so far; made out to U Ben Touk! Ha ha hahaha!

    U Ben Touk Strikes Again! 8/04

    1/4/06 - still coming in but by regular mail now...

    Follow-On Scammers

    Rollex Cage and Williams Moore aka Edward Johnson

    From: Rollex Cage (
    my name is rollex cage,i am interested in buying your 1989 Saab 900 SPG Turbo
    ,so i will like to know the price and also like to see pics,so if you are
    willing to sell it to me,i will like you to know that i have business partner
    who is owing me and he has agreed to pay me back in form of acertified
    cashier check or money order,so if you
    are willing to
    sell it to me,mail me back asap if the items is still available
    for sale,and
    also like to know this information from you.........
         YOUR FULL NAME--------------?
         YOUR ADDRESS----------------?
         YOUR STATE------------------?
         YOUR ZIP CODE---------------?
         YOUR PHONE NUMBER-----------?
    so i will be looking forward to your mail back ASAP.thanks.
         best regards
         rollex cage............

    From: Scott Hi Rollex! The 89 900 is only $1200 and is still available. I've been paid by cashier's check for eBay items before and that has worked out fine, so I see no problem. I'd be happy to help you (and get my car sold). Thanks, -Scott

    From Rollex Cage Hello, thanks for the mail,i am very greatful for the mail, as i was said that i have a business partner that is owning me and as agree to pay me back inform of check,so he is owning me the sum of $5, he is the one that we issue you the check,and as soon as you get hold of the check take it to the banks and cash it,so the remaining funds you are going to wire that one will be for the shipping of the goods,i will be intouch with my shipping agents to be ready for the deals,so let me know nowthat you agree to wire the change,so that the shipping will not be delaying,so when he send you the check i will inform you that you should be expecting the check very soon so i trast in you don't fail me.thanks best regards rollex cage....................

    Yadda yadda yadda... we wrap up the details and I await the cashier's check from the 'local' payer which comes, strangely enough, by international Fed-Ex. Here's some more interesting stuff. From the materials I've received, I'm guessing that someone in Nigeria is selling classes on how to scam Americans via the Internet. The packets all have a return address of 'Maryland, Los' and the checks all come in these long and slim brown envelopes like this one:

    In this case, the scammer made a bad boo boo. He spelled my last name incorrectly (used an E instead of an A and two T's instead of one). I used that mistake to my advantage.

    This fake is awful compared to the first one. No embossed signature. I can't believe anyone would think this check was real given the circumstances. Anyway, I wrote back to Rollex...

    From: Scott
    Hi Rollex,
    The check arrived this morning. There is a small problem. You didn't spell my
    last name correctly on the check. This might be a problem at the bank. I will
    meet with my account representative and ask them if I can still deposit the
    check even though it has the wrong name on it. This might cause a small
    delay. I will let you know after the meeting. There might be a significant
    fee to correct it without having to issue another check. Or, you could send
    another check with the correct name if you do not wish to wait for me to
    resolve it on this end. For now, I'll assume I should try to get it worked
    out over here, but let me know if you wish to proceed in a different manner.

    I got Rollex to agree to a hefty $750 name change fee imposed by the bank and made it happen over July 4th so I had many days on which the banks were closed because everyone in the US knows that banks are closed from the Wed before July 4th until the Tuesday after July 4th. It took 7 business days for this check to be delivered back to me as a fake.

    Rollex was clever, sort of... He had his 'shipper' contact me too and this is where he made boo boo number 2; he used the same computer and hence the same X-Originating-IP-Address was on the mail:

    From: Smith John aka Johnson Edward (
    hi, i am mailling on behalf of mr Rollex my custormer ,
            i will be the one to come for the picking up of it' goods and  he has
    make me to understand that the picking up of it's goods at your location must
    be this same week 5th  or 6th july at 10, oclock morning time  couse of some
    other items that  have to pick up for some of our custormers so five good
    difrent cuntry , and i will like you to forward the name of the person i am
    to meet when ever i am arround your location for the pick up , moreso the
    document that back it  up aswell and  i will like to know may bee it has
    alredy been insured .pls furnish me with the whole question that i am eager
    to know  so that by the time i am arround your location i will be very glad
    to identify my self at your location in  an apropriate way . pls let me know
    as soon as the funds is been wire today so that my arrangement could be able
    to start immideatly.
                thanks .
                           johnson edward.

    From: Scott I just have one question that I want the two of you to answer honestly. I've been working very faithfully on this project and have deposited the check today with plans to withdraw and wire it tomorrow. I'm sure you probably do not know this (like you didn't know that July 4th was our National Independence Day Holiday and that July 4th is a Friday not a Wednesday and that the 5th is a Saturday), but, your computer's IP address is affixed to your email. Johnson's email is coming from the computer with address: X-Originating-IP: [] And Rollex's email is coming from a computer with address: X-Originating-Ip: How is it possible that you two are using the same computer to send me emails? What is going on here? I have a sneaking suspicion that Rollex and Johnson are the same person. In fact, since Johnson is coming to pick up the items to ship. Why should I not wait until he arrives and just give the money to him and HE can go to moneygram and send it to Rollex. I want to hear back from both of you on this matter as soon as possible. I will not be wiring any money at all until I get a good answer to this question! -Scott

    Williams Moore aka Johnson Edward (I wonder if they watch American porn in Nigeria?) was vey insulted by this and insisted that his IP address and Rollex's got mixed up in the mail system.

    Message from Williams Moore aka Johnson Edward
    hello thanks for the mail, you said i am mailling on the same cyber cafe
    with rollex , which i never understand what you really mean ,mr to my own
    experience it migth happens that error comunication could occure on each
    other male may bee becoause he do mail me offen or maybee he is some were in
    africa too at this momment  . mr scott no one is  trying to not play an
    honnest to you and i will advise you to  e-mail mr rollex for this  aguiment
    to be solved , and regarding to the  picking up i will not come to pick up
    the goods accept you and mr rollex is concluded .
    thanks ,
              johnson edward.
    Message from Scott
    What is a 'cyber cafe?' I am not familiar with that term.
    Message from Williams Moore aka Johnson Edward
    Hello Scott,
                  I would say this is not an aguement matter that could stop this
    tranasaction and you are not the first dealing with goods picking up.well a
    cyber cafe has to be a means of easiest communication to each other,probalbly
    like i said in my last e-mail that an error might occured within ip and may
    be resulted to mail delivery failure as well.
                Presently, the ip in which we brows mormaly broked down and is
    not too stable due to lack of wide coverage inter-net,once again mr rollex
    might be some where in west africa as now that our ip colliding with his and
    resulted to same ip adress as well pls bear this with us and i and mr rollex
    are not the same person for your information and stop it,he is my very good
    customer and i know is transaction is for real to say scott em! i will let mr
    rollex to be aware of this co's i don't like a suituation whereby you i'll be
    feeling so suspicion,i think there is no need for me and mr rollex concluding
    on a very simple matter that you are to send the money to us and let him
    comfirmed from yo that you have sent us the money.
                       Actually,i would advise on a good and sucessful
    transaction of mr rollex to be,becaused our head of  operational department
    of liftupones shipping agent say's payment would be prepayed to us first
    before we i'll be moving for a good transaction pls problem with the
    ip add and et's move for pick up ok. i  e-mail mr rollex and called him but
    he comfirmed to me he has already in bed time that he would get back to you
    first thing tomorrow morning and i think he would explaned to you better and
    understanding coud be reached at then.Hopping to read from you soonest as for
    pick up.
                 With Warm Regards to you,
                                              Yours sincerly,
                                                         JOHNSON EDWARD.

    Now I know what a cyber cafe is and that they have them in Nigeria. I also now have received my fake check back. I decided to give Rollex a couple shockers. I send him an email indicating I'm leaving for the bank to get the money and wire it. Later in the day when he still doesn't have the money, he frantically emails me but I don't respond until later that night with this to both of them:

    Message from Scott
    Rollex, Johnson,
    On the way to the bank, I was in a car accident. The car is a total wreck
    (but don't worry, it's not the car you bought). I have two broken legs, but
    my next door neighbor brought in my laptop so I could get my email. A drunk
    driver (ironically enough the guy was from Nigeria and he was wanted by the
    police for fraud) ran a red light and hit me. He prevented me from making it
    to the bank today. The banks close at 3pm today (in about 90 minutes) and are
    closed for the holiday until Monday. I won't be able to take care of this
    matter until then.
    Thanks for your patience. For your inconvenience, I'm lowering the cost of
    the car by $200.

    After some back and forth, I assure them I'm taking mega doses of Morphine for the pain so that I will be able to walk to the bank to make the withdrawal on Monday. They are very relieved. However, they are also in for another big surprise.

    Message from Scott
    Thanks for the good wishes. They are giving me a lot of morphine for the pain
    in  my broken legs and it is helping and I will be allowed to go home this
    evening or tomorrow morning. Good news, I just got the following email from
    Coker Micheal. I'm going to end up with about $1 million and I'm going to
    reward you two for your patience with $10,000 each! It's like hitting the
    Coker Micheal, yes, let us help you move this money! This is a fantastic

    [actual email I received that day is included in my email to them - this is the other most common form of Nigerian scam in which you reveal enough details of your bank account to allow a stranger to transfer funds out of your account - who falls for this stuff?!]

    From: MIcheal coker ( Hello, I am a Private Investigator based in Europe. A group of Government Officials from an African Country contacted me with a Proposal. I am to Make contact with you and state their offer, if your Interest is Genuine, you will beContacted for yourAccount details to which will be transferred the sumof $45,600,000.00 USD. (20 of which is yours). You are then required to forward the remaining balance (Minus the Interest, handling and tax clearance charges, which Will be offset by Us & Deducted from the transferred sum) to a nominated Bank account in the Cayman Islands. I don't think I need to spell out the importance of Secrecy in this Matter considering the amount involved. Let me state clearly here that the account that you would be providing does not need to have funds in it and we have choosen a bank in the Phillipines where no questions will be asked about the source of the funds or any clearance demands made on it. It is only needed to be active and be able to receive funds. So, if I don't hear from you within three days I will assume you are not interested and will solicit for a new partner, but if you know you are interested let me know. List your phone & fax Numbers so we may communicate with you. This is important as we would Have to talk about the modalities of the transaction. waiting to hear from you. yours faithfully, coker micheal.

    Rollex and Johnson are frantic! They are losing their mark to another Nigerian scammer, aigh! It's so important, here come the all-caps!

    Message from Rollex Cage
                            GREENEST AND BEST REGARDS SO FAR,
                                                           YOURS FAITHFULLY,
                                                               ROLLEX CAGE.
    Message from Scott
    Holy crap, are you right or what. That Coker guy used my info to drain my
    bank account to zero!! I'm in big big trouble. Now I have to wait for your
    check to clear before I have any more money. I changed the numbers on the
    account so he can't take your money when it comes in.

    Well, I have not heard back from Rollex. I think he felt he lost his mark and cut his losses. I'll post more here if I hear anything new. Check back soon for the next adventure with Smith John (Check Below)...

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