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Saab Service & Mechanics Listings PA

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Dennis Sweeney Saab (Verified)
423 Wilpen Road
(724) 238-0900

If you are in the greater Pittsburgh area and looking for a quality Saab
mechanic with reasonable rates, a large inventory of used Saab parts,
that's a pleasure to deal with. You owe it to your self and your Saab to
visit Dennis Sweeney Saab in Ligonier, PA.
Dennis will ship parts to my door via UPS. If my car needs serviced and I
can't find the time to drive to Ligonier, Dennis will make arrangements to
meet me half way or pick up my car and leave me a Loaner. I don't know any
other Saab shop that would go that far to help their customers.
If I had to rate all of the things I have found through the internet, I
would pick Dennis Sweeney Saab as my number one find.
Submitted by Domenic A. P.

I'd heard great things about this shop, so I called when it
came time to rebuild the transmission of my 1991 Saab 900.  The response
of Don, the mechanic I talked with, was "We've been doing those for
decades, we've got all the tools, and we'd love to do the work.  Can you
bring it in next week?"  Three weeks later, I'm driving (and loving) my
wonderfully restored 900.  Don did absolutely superb work, recommended
additional work I should consider doing while the engine was out (I had
him do it all), and patiently talked me through the entire process.
Dennis Sweeney runs an honest, prompt, courteous, and supremely
professional shop.
Submitted by Don D.

I had the pleasure of meeting Dennis while I was looking to replace my first
Saab- a 1986 900s. Although I did not end up purchasing a vehicle from him, I
found his passion and integrity singular. I highly recommend him and his staff
as both a dealer or repair shop. You can do no wrong.
Submitted by John L.

Wow! When my rice-burning Subaru died, Dennis was there to help
me with a Saab loaner-car, a 9000 Aero/turbo of all things!  And guess
what, I had never driven a Saab before, knew nothing about them, and I
fell in love with the Aero.  I had no idea what a *swell* car this is!
In comparison, the Subaru drives like a rock on square wheels (I do have
to admit, it was great as a work horse in the snow).   So, the price of
the Aero was right--I just kept it and bought it.  A great helpful shop!
Submitted by Martin A. R. Jr.

On my drive back from NC to Toronto, my 03 9-5 had trouble turning over
in VA. I made it to Saab of Richmond and they told me I needed a new battery and
alternator (at 45,000 miles). I had the battery replaced. Had same trouble in WV.
Made it to Pennsylvania and found this shop recommended on this site. I echo the
sentiment posted, they diagnosed car's  issue properly (not alternator) and went
out of their way to get me on the road. Their rates are also reasonable. Wish I
could find an independent shop like this in Toronto!
Submitted by R. S.

I first had my 2001 9-5 towed to a guy who worked simply on Saab's. He looked at
my Saab that would not start, told me a price of $2000 to fix, and it wasn't
really worth fixing, and for me to have it removed from his property if I wasn't
getting it fixed. I heard good things about Dennis Sweeney Saab, so I had my
towed 65 miles to his shop, and it was worth every mile. When the car was
brought to him, there were pieces of it every where, due to previous attempts to
get it started. He called, and told me I would need a Twice module, an ignition
cylinder & key, and a shift linkage cable (I broke while trying to get the car
started)along with reprogramming the Twice and key. The out the door price with
tax was $1050. When I picked up the car, not only was it fixed properly, but Don
put the seat and center console all back together. I will definitely be taking
my Saab to Dennis Sweeney for service.
Submitted by Mark R.

Euro Motors(Verified) 7770 B Allentown Blvd Harrisburg (717) 920-0375 Web: Once upon a time, I left my house in New Hampshire, headed for Carlisle for a gathering. About halfway there, my accursed-yet-still-very-beloved Saab began to act strangely; I threw some new parts at it and had some friends throw some other parts at it, but it was still running like garbage. We suspected a fuel pump - unlikely, since the pump was all of two months old - but with the car kinda running, the decision was made to try to limp it back home to New Hampshire. Since I am writing a review of a mechanic in Harrisburg, I'm sure you can imagine what happened next. I suspect that Mark and crew were surprised to find a dead Saab just sitting there on a Monday morning, but without knowing whose car it was and why it was there, Mark got to work diagnosing the problem. By the time we spoke mid-day on Monday, he had narrowed down the issue (blasted fuel pump!). Knowing that the car was far from home, Mark also made sure that I wasn't slumming around Harrisburg waiting, and promised to squeeze me and my poor car onto the schedule for this week. By Tuesday, Mark had pulled out the defective part, explained to me why the part had failed, and provided me enough information that I was able to have a new pump sent to the shop courtesy of the dealership that had previously replaced it (saving me quite a pretty penny in the process). By Thursday, my car was ready to go. Mark is patient, empathetic, pleasant, an excellent problem-solver, and truly a stand-up guy. He understood the uniquely rotten position I was in, weighed the input of the mechanics (trained and shadetree) that I had consulted before the car finally gave up the ghost, and kept me posted throughout the entire process. I appreciated that Mark was upfront about refusing to use subpar aftermarket parts to fix the car - and knew which manufacturers to avoid in order to prevent future problems. Most importantly, Mark never spoke down to me - as a woman who can fix many things just as easily as she can break them, I am always angry when I go to a shop and leave feeling patronized (at best) or taken advantage of (at worst). Not the case at all with Mark. I'm a little sad I live several states away because I'd gladly bring my accursed-yet-still-very-beloved Saab back to him any time. Sumbitted by Ali Beaton
Joe Davis Autosport, Inc.(Verified 2019-20) 308 South 7th Street Perkasie (215) 257-0204 Email: Click Here Web:
Kunkle Motors(Verified) 1010 Kunkle Road Dallas (570) 675-1546 Email: Click Here Web:
Precision Plus Saab & Foreign(Verified) 4128 East Street Road Feasterville (215) 244-9060 Email: Click Here Web: Facebook: Click Here I have been going to Demi(Demi Valtanis) for about 10 years. The work his shop does is excellent. He is a SAAB certified mastertech and he works primarily on SAABS. I have taken all three of my SAABS there ('83 900T, '89 9000, '91 900T) The pricing is reasonable. He is a SAAB freak himself, he drives a 87 900T that is highly modified. Submitted by Mike K. If your looking for a honest SAAB mechanic in Bucks County Pa. that will fix your car today and also give you an idea of what you may also need in the future. Demi is your man. (Does what you expect and then some) A Master Mechanic. He also has a SAAB that he races and rebuilds SAAB cars for resale. You feel he has seen it all when you tell him your problems. If he hasn't you sense he is interested in solving you latest to add to his knowledge and to get you back on the road again. I love my 93 turbo convertible with 126,000 miles and feel quite confident that Demi and his crew (Billy, Gus and John) can keep it running and feeling like a new car for along time. While the rest of my family has new autos I will continue to drive my SAAB - because I feel secure that if it breaks -Demi will know what is wrong and have fixed in a hurry as well as I just like it! Submitted by Al D. Here's everything you need to know about this business's owner, he's amazing! And I'm not even talking about his knowledge or passion for Saab's, I'm talking the full package as a human in our society.  Make sure to read through every unbelievable part of this combination of circumstances that happened to fully understand, and I'm sure you will agree with me. I flew in to Philly from Michigan on a Friday afternoon, to buy a Saab Aero Wagon from a used car dealer in South Jersey.  The car was a complete lie as advertised, and I didn't buy it.  But this left me in a lurch about how to get back to Michigan.   With it being 4:00PM on a Friday,  I knew my chances and money were dwindling.  I decided I didn't want all of the money to be wasted on travel, and looked for another Saab to buy to get me home.  I came upon a 2002 9-3 Convertible that was in Demetri's possession at Precision Plus Auto. At this point, I have never met or heard of this stranger.  I told him about what had happened to me, and the pinch I was in.  It wasn't his fault, nor his problem.  Yet, he listened very carefully, and took empathy towards my situation.  He agreed to stay open past closing for me, and to help me out on the price... But that's not the end of this story...that was just the first thing he did. I Uber'd from South Jersey through Philly Rush Hour Gridlock at 5:00pm to Demetri's business.   I didn't get there until 6:40 pm, 40 minutes after Demetri was supposed to close up.   Yet, he was there on his own time as promised. I quickly looked over the car, which was as promised as well.  Demetri told me that the Tag place closed at 7pm.  We had only a few minutes left.  He called the workers (that he was on great terms with) and convinced them to stay a little later for me and him.  He drove me up to the Tag Office, and drove there and back to his shop and then back again when I forgot my driver's license. When we got back to his shop to finalize everything, that's when I learned about how overall knowledgeable and passionate he was about Saab cars.  You can tell that it's been 40 years of love for him. This man is also a huge personality, and full of life. I left and stayed about an hour west of Philly that night.  Demetri called that night to see how the car was. The next day I continued on to Michigan via the 76 PA Turnpike.  I stopped for food and gas at 11:30am at the Sliding Hills turnpike rest area.  At the gas pump I was getting something out of the trunk while pumping gas, and had the convertible down.  I got a phone call during, and accidentally (out of habbit) closed the trunk (where my keys were) to go answer the phone. Well with the roof down, even though the car was unlocked the rear seat and trunk release were locked and disabled.  I was stuck and locked out at a rest area gas pump with an unlocked, top down car, in the middle of nowhere, and looking like a fool. My roadside assistance fumbled around with poor communication to get me a locksmith that had to come and go a few times (from an hour away, each way) because of the lack of proper tooling for the job.  While I waited at the gas pump for this guy for hours, I called Demetri.  He ended up driving to his shop on his day off to do some wire tracing, to try and figure out ways electronically to get into the trunk.  If the locksmith had failed, he had came up with some involved things that I could do.   But 6 and a half hours later, while still at the pump... the locksmith got in through my rear seat lock and got the keys. The locksmith left at this point, and I started to get ready to get back on the road only to discover that all of the door opening had drained my battery.  I bought some cheaply made jumper cables at the rest area, but no one would stick around long enough for me to get the necessary charge to start my car with those crappy wires. I called roadside again, and a tow driver came out with an uncharged jumper box, no cables, and a rush attitude to get back to a family function.  He wanted to tow me to a garage in the middle of nowhere that was closed until Monday morning.  There were also no hotels or motels anywhere in the remote area to accommodate me until Monday morning.  So that was not an option to me.  I refused the tow, and he tried ONLY one time to jump the car, played with the fuses a little, and left with an attitude.  I also found out later that he broke the fuse cover into several pieces in my engine bay. It is now almost 9 at night, and I've been at that rest area for over 10 hours at this point...still stuck.  On top of my car not starting, now my dashboard won't light up when I try to start the car, and some other weird things were starting to happen that were not happening before the tow driver got there.  At this point I called Dimitri to tell him what was going on.   Dimitri had been driving that car as his personal car for months before I bought it.  He had put in a new battery, and knew that something weird was going on that had never happened while he owned it.   He was beside himself as to why the car couldn't just be jump started with the proper amount of amperage.  He felt sorry that I was going through all of this, and decided that on a Saturday night (on his night off and while with family) that he was going to go back to shop (for the second time that day for me) to get another battery, the necessary parts, and then drive out over 200 miles each way in the middle of the night from Philly to help me.  Once again at this point, I only met Demetri yesterday.  My problems are not his problems, he sold me the car... that's it. While Dimitri was on his way out from Philly, I called roadside again and told them that I needed a tow driver that could properly bring the required equipment to try and do the job right.  A second tow driver arrived with the proper equipment, and tried troubleshooting the problem but couldn't figure it out. He then told me that he could tow me to the garage (which was actually open) but that they wouldn't be able to order parts until Monday, and that it would likely be Tuesday or Wednesday before they could get the parts I needed installed.   Knowing that Dimitri was on his way I refused second tow and waited for him to arrive. He got to the rest area about 1 in the morning, within 5 minutes he discovered that the first tow driver had improperly removed some of the necessary fuses for the car to start correctly. Dimitri had some spare fuses, put them in, and used his own jumper box to jump the car on the first try.  Dimitri had drove out several hundred miles with another several hundred mile return trip ahead of him, paid for gas and tolls, on his day off, while he was with family, to come help me... a customer.   He went so far above and beyond any level I've ever known of customer service expectations.  When I bought that car I didn't just learn about a really passionate Saab guy who knew the cars inside and out.  I met a new friend that I will have for the rest of my life.  Based on my experience, if I lived in New Jersey or Eastern Pennsylvania, there is no other guy I would EVER go to other than him for my Saab service.   Demetri is the man! Submitted by Brian K. I bought a 08 9-5 Wagon, with 58,000 miles, in excellent condition from Precision Plus Auto about 6 weeks ago. The salesman Victor was very accommodating. He let me test drive a 9-3 Stick even though I said I could not buy it and just wanted to take it for a drive since I love driving a manual car but it is not practical because of where I live. We took it for a cruise and he was in no rush to get me back. I knew the 9-5 wagon was the right car for me as soon as I saw it because it was exactly what I was looking for, 08 (or newer), under (well under) 100,000 miles, wagon, and black. I could tell Demi, the owner, knew his saab stuff from the first minute I talked to him. He is a true Saab expert, and there are so few of them left. He was happy to chat about past Saab's and stories and extremely helpful with acquiring the temporary transit tags I needed so that I could legally drive the car back to New York and register it there. The car was just a tad more than I was looking to finance, but Demi was flexible and worked with me so that we were both happy. A few very minor issues popped up within the first week or so I had it, but I called Demi and he told me to bring it on by so I went down and he took care of everything. One of the things I thought was wrong, the windshield wiper intermittent setting, actually was fine, I had just never had a car with a rain sensor so when it started moving faster and slower on it's own I thought something was wrong. Demi explained how it worked and even demonstrated it to me using a spray bottle. I left a very happy customer, which is what Demi cares about. Overall I couldn't be happier with my car and the service I got from Demi and Victor and Precision Plus. Customer service is their priority because they know that in the end if they treat their customers like more than just customers, they will come back time and again. They get 2 Thumbs up and 5 Stars from me. I will definitely bring my car back to him for service whenever it is needed. GO SEE DEMI!!! Sumbitted by Lindsey Z.
Swedish Motors (Verified) 7 North Decatur Street Marietta (717) 426-2202 Email: Click Here Web: Facebook: Click Here Centrally located near York, Lancaster, Harrisburg. Tech2 Enabled Saab Specialist! Submitted by Adam K.

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