V4 Sedan Tech Specs

                                SAAB V-4 SEDAN, 1972


Overall length: 13 ft 9 in                        Front wheel drive. Free wheel
Overall width: 5 ft 2.2 in                        Single dry plate cushion center
Height, unladen: 4 ft 10 in                         clutch
Wheelbase: 8 ft 2.3 in                            Hydraulic system between pedal and
Track front: 4 ft                                   clutch
       rear: 4 ft                                 Four forward gears, all synchromesh
Curb weight: 2030 lbs.                            Gear ratios:  First 17.0 : 1
Ground clearance, unladen:                                      Second 10.2 : 1
                  approx 7 in                                   Third 6.3 : 1
                                                                Fourth 4.1 : 1
ENGINE                                                          Reverse 15.5 : 1
                                                  Final drive ratio: 4.88 : 1
Type: four-stroke overhead valve
       engine, V-4                                Permanently lubricated inner and out-
Number of cylinders: four                           er driver joints, the outer joint
                     (in Vee, 60)                  of Rzeppa constant-velocity type.
Bore: 3.54 in
Stroke: 2.63 in                                   BRAKES
Piston displacement: 103.6 cu in
                      (1698 cc)                     Disc brakes front, drum brakes
Compression ratio: 8.0 : 1                        rear
Net horsepower (SAE): 65 at 4700 rpm                Servo-assisted lockheed hydraulic
Max torque: 85 lbs-ft SAE at 2500 rpm             foot brake system is divided into tWG
Fuel System: Camshaft-driven fuel pump            independent circuits, each acting on
Autolite downdraft carburetor                     one front wheel and opposite rear wheel
  Pressure lubrication. Full-flow                   Hand brake acts mechanically on rear
filter.                                           wheels
  Oil capacity: 3.5 quarts
Water-cooling system. Pump, fan and               STEERING
  thermostat. Holds 7.5 quarts

Exhaust Emissions (grams/mile)                    Rack and pinion type
    Hydrocarbons: 2.09                            Ratio, steering wheel to road wheel:
Carbon Monoxide: 32.39                              15.8:1
Oxides of Nitrogen- 2.10                          Impact absorbing wheel with padded hub
                                                  Number of turns, lock to lock : 2.7
                                                  Turning diameter: 34.8 feet

                                  SM B V-4 SEDAN

SUSPENSION                                          STANDARD EQUIPMENT (cont'd)

Independent front wheel suspension                  Front seat-back safety locks
Tubular, rigid rear axle in U-form                  Front passengers grab-handle
Coil springs front and rear                         Sealed beam headlights
Stabilizer bar at front                             Complete rust and anti-corrosion
Double-acting telescopic hydraulic                    treatment
  shock absorbers front and rear                    Back up lights
                                                    Dual horns
WHEELS AND TIRES                                    Two-speed wipers
                                                    Windshield washer
15 in steel disc wheels                             Safety padded sun visors
Wide base rims, 4 J X 15 in                         Padded dash
Tires 5.60 X 15 in tubeless                         Heater thermostatically controlled
Radial ply tires, 155 X 15 in                       Opening rear side windows
                                                    Automatic draft free ventilation
ELECTRICAL SYSTEM                                   Defroster front side windows
                                                    Impact break-off rear view mirror
12 volt battery, 60 Ah                              Outside rear view mirrors
1.0 bph starting motor                              Automatic interior light
AC alternator                                       Litter baskets
                                                    Glove compartment with lock
BODY                                                Cigarette lighter
 Self-supporting body with flat base                Textile carpets
Roll cage construction with tubular                 Nylon velour seat material
steel reinforcements in windshield                  Sill guard
and side pillars                                    Splash guards
  Gas tank between rear wheels
  Gas tank capacity: 10.5 gals
  Trunk capacity, SAE rating: 7.5 cu ft
  All-steel body electrode dipped,
lacquered and aluminum treated for


Electrically heated drivers' seat
Front seat head restraints
3-point front seat safety harness
Lap type seat belts rear
Dual diagonal servo-assisted brake
Warning light for fuel below 7 quarts
Warning light for brake failure
4 lamp hazard warning system
Safety belt warning system
Adjustable front seat backs
Rear seat back folds down to form 57
 in. storage space

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