OnStar Telematics


Optional OnStar system supports Saab's Real-Life Safety philosophy

For 2000, Saab takes its first step in an aggressive strategy to introduce telematics services into its vehicles by offering OnStar as an option on all Saab models. Telematics is the convergence of wireless technology, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), onboard electronics and infotainment services. It's the gateway for a virtually unlimited array of in-vehicle wireless services - and OnStar is Saab's first step in taking a leadership role in advancing this technology. Saab is the first premium European brand to offer this type of system across its entire model range.

The system's interface, specially designed for Saab vehicles, features a unique three-button control pad that is integrated into the instrument panel and is accessible by the driver or front-seat passenger. An integrated microphone and use of the vehicle's stereo speaker system ensures hands-free, non-distracting communication - the driver does not have to take his/her eyes off the road to receive information from the OnStar center.

OnStar utilizes the vehicle's electronics, GPS satellite tracking and the existing wireless network to transmit voice and data to the OnStar call center - which is staffed 24 hours a day by experienced advisors. The vehicle's location can be pinpointed to help emergency authorities reach the vehicle in the event of an accident or provide accurate navigation assistance (without having to study an onboard screen display).

OnStar Provides Added Real-Life Safety
OnStar takes Saab's Real-Life Safety philosophy to a new level. For example, the system will automatically place an emergency call if the airbags (front or side) are deployed in a crash. The call is received as a priority at the OnStar center with the vehicle's location and the phone number of local emergency authorities instantly appearing on the advisor's screen.

If the vehicle is stolen, the owner can initiate remote tracking by calling OnStar and providing the correct security code. OnStar will then contact local authorities and locate the vehicle, guiding the police to the vehicle's location.

Concierge Services Help Make Life a Bit Easier
The OnStar system also provides Saab's customers with a 24-hour connection to concierge services like: