Pet Gear


To help pet owners make travel safer and more comfortable for their animal companions, Saab continues to offer a full line of vehicle accessories specifically designed for pets who travel.

NORCROSS, Ga. - For 2002, Saab Cars USA and The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) continue to remind travelers that pets are family, too. Saab helps pet owners travel safely and more comfortably by offering a full line of pet travel accessories. Saab Pet Gear, which is reviewed by and meets the mission principles of The HSUS, debuted with the introduction of the Saab 9-5 Wagon. This custom-designed line of accessories was developed when Saab discovered that over 60 percent of its owners have pets who travel with them frequently. Saab consults with The HSUS to provide these owners with products that improve the safety and convenience of traveling with pets.

Saab Real-Life Safety - for owners and their pets

Saab's Real-Life Safety philosophy, which stipulates that safety systems and structures in Saab vehicles be designed to protect occupants in real-world collisions, extends to all Saab occupants including pets. Pets are subject to the same safety hazards as their owners when traveling unrestrained in a car. In addition to injuring themselves if left free to roam in a moving car, they can injure occupants during an emergency evasive maneuver or in an accident.

Saab has included the Batzi Belt(tm) in its Pet Gear line-up, a unique pet restraint system that attaches to one of the rear three-point safety belts. It allows pets freedom of movement yet still provides safer restraint. The Batzi Belt(tm) is available in three sizes to accommodate both small and large pets.

Saab also offers the VersaLeash(tm), a restraint system designed specifically for the cargo area of the Saab 9-5 Wagon. It provides a pet with the mobility to move about the cargo area but will restrain them when necessary through the use of an adjustable rubber coated steel wire that hooks to the 9-5 Wagon's CargoTracks(tm). Other safety-related Pet Gear specific to the 9-5 Wagon includes a Cargo Guard that separates the cargo area from the passenger compartment to restrain pets or cargo from moving forward and a Cargo Space Divider to keep pets safely separated from other cargo.

Saab also offers a Pet Harness that fits around the neck and torso of the pet for safe restraint. It should be utilized with the Batzi Belt(tm) or VersaLeash(tm) and can be used with a leash when walking the pet outside the vehicle. Saab and The HSUS advise that restraints should never be attached to collars.

Comfort and convenience are key

Saab's Pet Gear accessory line-up also includes a number of convenience items that make traveling with pets easier. Examples include:

Saab is continuing to consult with The HSUS on expanding its line of Pet Gear products and is donating ten percent of its costs of Pet Gear to The HSUS.

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