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Automatic Shift Cable

Disconnecting the selector cable from the automatic transmission is poorly documented by Saab shop manuals making this a difficult job for the uninitiated. The selector cable attaches to the transmission by means of a slot at the end of the inner cable which fits a slot on the transmission selector rod. The slots are covered by a spring-loaded sheath which must be moved to one side after the cable has been withdrawn from the transmission.

  1. Remove the bolt that holds the cable to the transmission.
  2. Despite what the shop manuals say, move the gear selector to the "1" position.
  3. Working underneath the car, grab the end of the cable firmly and pull it out of the transmission case as far as it will go. This is a tight space to work in and you will need some strength to get it out. It should come out about 3inches. This will effectively shift the transmission into "Park".
  4. You will now see the inner cable and a series of notches that ends in a cylindrical fitting. Next to the cylindrical fitting is a hexagonal fitting that looks much like a bolt. The slotted end of the shift cable and the slotted selector rod from the transmission are hooked together inside the cylindrical fitting.
  5. Working with two pairs of pliers, grab the hexagonal portion of the cable with one pair of pliers while using the other pair to grip and pull the cylindrical sheath back towards the transmission. This will reveal the slotted end of the cable which can now be simply moved to one side disconnecting the cable from the transmission.