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Project Outline

I. Remove engine/automatic transmission from car.

II. Separate automatic transmission from engine.

III. Replace automatic engine parts with manual parts

  • Remove torque converter driveplate
  • Install flywheel
  • Replace oil pickup tube

IV. Mount engine to manual transmission

V. Install clutch parts

VI. Remove interior parts from car.

  • remove front seats
  • remove center and floor consoles.
  • remove lower dash pad
  • remove front carpeting
  • remove HVAC ducting

VII. Remove automatic parts from car.

  • Remove brake pedal assembly
  • Remove shift lever housing and cable
  • Disconnect emergency brake cables from handbrake lever
  • Remove rubber grommet in firewall
VIII. Install manual parts in car.
  • Install brake/clutch pedal assembly.
  • Install clutch master cylinder
  • Install clutch hydraulic line
  • Replace lower dash padding
IX. Swap shift lever housing parts
  • ignition switch
  • key cylinder
X. Install engine/transmission into car.
  • bolt in engine mounts
  • seat driveshafts into transmission
  • reattach lower balljoints
XI. Install manual shift lever housing and selector rod.
  • thread handbrake cables through grommet.
  • install taper pin in selector shaft.
  • adjust shift lever and check operation.
  • reconnect ignition switch wires.
XII. Reinstall interior parts
  • HVAC ducting
  • front carpeting
  • floor and center consoles
  • front seats.
XIII. Finish engine installation