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Engine Removal

The first step of this project is to remove the engine/transmission from the 900 to be converted. The engine removal steps listed here are from notes taken during the project and are based on those outlined in the Robert Bentley manual for an 8-valve 900. These are not instructions for how to remove the 900 engine. An official Saab 900 workshop manual provides the best documentation for engine removal. Non-turbo, 16-valve and early 900's equipped with the B-type engine will require different steps than those listed here.

  • Drain radiator.
  • Drain Engine block.
  • Drain Power steering pump.
  • Drain Engine oil.
  • Drain ATF fluid.
  • remove washer hose from hood.
  • Remove Hood.
  • Remove battery.
  • Disconnect exhaust manifold from downpipe.
  • Place front of car on jackstands.
  • Remove speedometer cable.
  • Remove exhaust pipe bracket.
  • Loosen inner C.V joint boots.
  • Remove both front wheels.

* It is recomended to pull both drive shafts from the transmission rather than just the one as described by many manuals. This makes engine removal and installation much easier.

Saab spacer tool inserted between A-arm and car body. Lower balljoint bolts shown at base of arrow.
  • Using a floor jack, lift each wheel, compressing the spring and insert a spacer between the upper a-arm and the body of the car. Then use the jack to lower the a-arm onto the block. A small block of wood or metal will work. This unloads the suspension.
  • Loosen and remove lower balljoint bolts on each front wheel.
  • Pull both driveshafts from thier drivers on the transmission. Cover the tripod bearings with plastic.
  • Disconnect power steering pump pressure line.
  • Disconnect all cooling hoses.
  • Disconnect APC harness (turbo only).
  • Disconnect APC hoses (turbo only).
  • Remove rubber bellows from Mixture Control Unit (MCU).
  • Remove turbocharger intake pipe between MCU and turbocharger, cover all exposed inlets and outlets with plastic. (turbo only)
  • remove air cleaner intake pipe and fuel booster switch.
  • Disconnect fuel lines from
    • Warm up regulator
    • Cold start valve
    • Fuel distributor
    • Fuel injectors
  • Remove ground wire from MCU.
  • Remove MCU.
  • Disconnect accelerator cable.
  • Remove vacuum hoses from charcoal canister and brake booster.
  • Remove the following connections
    • Throttle position switch
    • Cold start valve
    • Thermostatic switch
    • Thermo-time switch
    • Temperature sender
    • Ignition distributor
    • Auxiliary air valve
    • Temperature sensor (top of cyl. head)
    • Ground wires
    • Warm up regulator
    • Knock detector (turbo only)
    • Starter Motor
    • Oil pressure sender
    • Alternator
  • Remove turbocharger inlet pipe - cover opening with plastic.
  • Remove exhaust pre-heater hose.
  • Remove wiring harness from the engine and set aside in the fender well.
  • Disconnect ground cables from timing cover and transmission.
  • Disconnect shifter cable from transmission.
  • Remove ignition coil.
  • Remove A/C radiator cooling fan.
  • Remove lower radiator hose - Some automatic 900's are equipped with an in line ATF cooler in this hose. This can be eliminated when converting but a manual hose will have to be aquired.
  • Remove positive battery cable.
  • Unplug oxygen sensor.
  • Remove A/C belt and A/C compressor, leave the hoses connected and place it on the side of the engine compartment.
  • Attach engine hoist to the lifting lugs provided at the top of the cylinder head and at the alternator bracket.
  • Raise engine slightly.
  • Remove the two rear engine mount bolts. Loosen the front bolt.
  • Raise engine a few inches to allow access to the oil cooler supply lines.(turbo only)
  • Disconnect oil cooler lines and oil pressure sensor connection.(turbo only)
  • Lift engine from car.