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first C 900 purchase ! excited (not new to SAABs tho) []
Posted by Jay M - (more from Jay M - on Thu, 3 Feb 2005 15:26:11

hi everyone

this is slightly misleading, but yesterday i bought our first C 900 SAAB, so a
900 ownership experience now begins in our family!

i have been involvoed with SAABs for a while, but i always had 9000s.
actually, i am half of a small used car dealership with volvos and SAABs, so i
have handled a few 900s and did enjoy driving them on a daily basis, but
OWNING and maintaining one is different.

i am very thankful to have found this nice low mileage 900, especailly a nice
late model, last year version! 900 S, velour, one heated seat, power
windows/locks/mirrors, casette player, auto.

i must say that i am a little surprised that there is more rust on this 1993
sedan than i would have expected. yes, we are locted in the snow belt, but
compared to others...

actually, the car is for my father. a LONG time , well devoted volvo driver,
on a recent day with very bad snowy road conditions, when he was headed out,
i said, dont bother taking one of the volvos out of the garage, just take the
900 which i was driving from the car lot. that was it! lol all it took was
two miles between 'SAABs arent as reliable' to 'I have to have one!' I
have appreciated the 900 in snow too, though not enough to give up the other
attributes of 9000s.

woudl someone share some info with me please ? i dont yet have the
familiarity with 900s that i do with 9000s...ironic, right ? this 1993
seems to be a great year-- the last sadly-- but what happened to those funky
inside door openers in the 1993 ? much more conventional handles , located in
a much more conventional place!

now, this car has its (auto) transmission right behind the grille ? on the
front of the longitudinally mounted engine ? (part of why its so stable in the
snow) how does drive get from up there back to the wheels ?

didnt ond old 900s have the transmissions BENEATH the engine ? liike before
1984 or something ? i bet that 900 was good, but not AS good in the snow?

the autobox is perfect at 110k miles. fluid is ok and smells fine. if this
were any other car, i would drain and flush the fluid and switch to Mobil 1
ATF, which is my other experience has worked to make time stand still for
other transmissions! kind of just seems to keep them exactly as they are
when the switch occurs. anyone use Mobil 1 ATF in a SAAB ? it has seemed
to keep a Peugeot ZF tranny that i have from suffering the failure so common
to them.

there are some service records, but not really a consistant log. what sort of
maintenance should be considered on a very tight, nice running 900 at 110 k ?
whats the deal with this timing belt ? belt ? chain ? interferrence ?

we were sort of thinking more of a 3 door, but this 93 sedan seemed to come to
me by the hand of God just when i needed a 900!

the title says TAN, but what is it, Citron Beige really ? could use a
passenger side fender. anyone have one for sale ? direct me to one ?

the hood closes perfectly. on other older 900s, i have noticed that something
can go wrong with near the guides that bring the hood back toward the A
pillars and it doesnt seem to work right after that. whats that about ?

thanks very much for the encouragement...looking foward to new SAAB fun
Jay M
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