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900 Turbo 8-Valve Intercooler Installation

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Assembly page 10

Intake Snorkel

Modified 8V intake snorkel.
Stock 16V intake snorkel.

The original 8-valve air snorkel can be bolted to the side fender and attached to the airbox using a piece of the flexible heater hose removed earlier in the project. Alternatively, the snorkel from a 16V can be employed as seen in the second photo.

Completed Installation.

Double check oil and coolant levels and ensure that all connections are proper before starting the engine.

Test the horn operation.

Warm up the engine fully while checking for leaks. The engine is warmed up when the cooling fans have cycled on and off once.

On the initial test drive, accelerate moderately when first using the turbo. Bring some tools such as a flat head screwdriver in case a turbo hose unseats itself. Gradually work up to some full boost runs.

The oil cooler thermostat opens at 167 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to check the operation of the oil cooler, the engine oil should be brought to this temperature. A run at highway speed is in order. This will also allow an oppurtunity to gauge any performance differences with the new intercooler.

Make some full boost runs at highway speed in fourth and fifth gear for about 1/2 hour. Check the oil cooler lines and attachments carefully for leaks after the run. Also check oil and coolant levels after cool-down.

A drop in maximum turbo pressure may be apparent during this test drive. This is due to a ~2 p.s.i pressure drop through the intercooler compared to the stock aluminum pipe. It may be necessary to adjust boost pressure on the turbocharger if this is the case.

APC-equipped turbos, instructions on setting up base boost can be found Here.

Non-APC equipped turbos, the maximum charging pressure may need to be adjusted. Consult the haynes manual for this information.

Home85Intercooler in 83Turbo | Before and After | Parts Checklist | Getting Started | Assembly