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Please help diagnose 2006 9.3t
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Posted by Victor [Email] (more from Victor) on Tue, 1 Dec 2020 20:38:16 Share Post by Email
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I need help to figure out what is wrong and how to make it right. I don't have any serious mechanical experience but I really need to use this car for a while more.a bit of back history I inherited this vehicle from the second owner who purchased the car in Dec of 2005. It seemed to have electrical issues - in that every 6 months or so he would have to replace a head lamp, turn signal bulb or brake light bulb. Some times a lot closer then 6 months.The Saab started having intermittent problems with locking/unlocking the doors. It was random which locks would operate each time we used the alarm fob.That started around 2009. It has required a new battery every 2 to 3 years. A year and a half go the car was stopped at a traffic light which had turned green. Traffic didn't move in front of me the women behind me was a moving and fast, hit the Saab at some 60 miles a hour. That was May of 2019. I purchased the car back as salvaged hoping it would last a year. What with the frame bent and the body's shell bubbled up. Things started really falling a part. The sun roofs' metal guides fell out etc. Then in May of 2020 while was driving a freeway up and over a pretty steep grade the car start losing power. I think you would say was losing compression. I turned off the A/C ( it was pretty hot for May in Southern Calif.)Though the temp gauge was where it normally indicated. There was ongoing construction on this narrow mountain road that big rigs heavily used so I couldn't pull off any where. I thought I was surly going to be pushed off the road by the rigs. They didn't want to slow because they would lose their momentum up the steep grade and they had no idea what or why I was doing.... The car was shaking and still had little power. Well I was afraid to stop for fear the car wouldn't start again. I didn't really know anyone being I had recently moved to this area. I made it the20+ miles home. The car started up three times after that then it would not. I had taken to shop that said the PC had a burnt board. They wanted a almost one thousand dollars to fix it with no warranty of any kind. I declined. I found the car would start when at the same temp as the surrounding environment. Once the temp gauge would move up to the level it was normally at the engine would shake violently and sputtered enough that I am sure it would stall (it never, never has). However I can't successfully start the car until its had the two to three hours to cool to the outside temp. Mind you there is no indication that the car is/ has overheated. The anti-freeze/coolant is at the appropriate levels. I put another new battery in the car in Feb of 2018. because the battery was starting the car with out a jump every third or fifth time.Then it started needing a jump every so often in April of 2019 and became so inconvenient that I purchased another new battery in August of 2020. Still I have to jump it every so often. It seems if I used the alarm it doesn't need a jump. If I leave it unarmed and doors unlocked it will tend to not turn over.Well 5 days or so again the fob was not working at all and I realized nothing had any juice. I noticed that when I was attempting to start the car. It had never done this before when I insert the key fob it is not making the noise it use to nor will it turn at all. The msg Steering wheel is locked, remove the key, move the steering wheel and reinsert the key ,then start. that doesn't seem to help. and the steering wheel is not acting as its locked. The ignition well is not moving. From what I read in the manual I need to check the fuse still. I am parked on a property that wants it GONE. I thought if I manually disengage the selector lever then I could push it to a better local why all is figured out. However if I am reading correctly if I do that It would destroy the cars transmission. The manual says the car must be running/idling. so the question is what is causing this lock out and how to correct it.
Now that is the current situation. Can anyone assist me with information? Thank you.

posted by 24.43.177...
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