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Other Industries SAAB Is Involved In
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Posted by CO (more from CO) on Wed, 15 May 2024 09:36:16 Share Post by Email
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Other Industries SAAB Is Involved In

The Swedish engineering and manufacturing company Saab has enjoyed prominence for its well-known and dependable brand of vehicles. While you don’t hear much about Saab cars anymore, the company has always been actively working to produce a wider array of products deployed by international militaries and transport and communication systems. We’ll give you more details about Saab’s history of making automobiles as well as the industries it focuses on today.

Photo by Jonathan Ridley on Unsplash

Born From Jets

Among Saab’s most famous slogans and commercials, “Born From Jets,” introduced in the mid-2000s, describes its storied past as a manufacturer for the Swedish Air Force prior to the Second World War. The team at Saab believed it could make vehicles that outperformed German competitors by engineering automotive bodies with aerodynamic design principles normally reserved for fighter aircraft.

Saab continues to make jets today, with its Gripen fighter system at the forefront of its warplanes. Several countries’ air forces, including Brazil, the Czech Republic, and Hungary, have purchased and flown Gripen jets. Saab’s jets are perhaps best known for the same qualities that made its vehicles famous: they are historically reliable and have long service lives of 50 years.


Saab’s military influences extend beyond air power and go into the ocean. The Swedish company produces the Blekinge-class submarine, consisting of two unique subs capable of longer-term underwater deployment in the Expeditionary line and the Oceanic type, a modular submarine capable of being built with a range of purposes in mind. The Saab website says the Oceanic offers more potential to use different sets of larger weapons, while the Expeditionary can stay at sea longer.

As recently as 2023, Saab has continued to work with the Swedish government on funding and research as the country continues to monitor and protect the North and Baltic Seas and the Gulf of Bothnia.

Military Weapon Systems

While Saab’s design marvels patrol the depths of the oceans and skies, they also have a solid record on land. With militaries frequently performing their missions with tanks and personnel-carrying vehicles, you’ve likely heard of a rocket-propelled grenade launcher or a ‘bazooka’ that fires an explosive charge to penetrate armor.

The key difference between a rocket-propelled grenade launcher and Saab’s system, known as the Carl-Gustaf, is its ease of use and accuracy. Many similar popular weapons use a set of fins on the rocket itself to help control accuracy. The Carl-Gustaf instead offers a rifled barrel, which causes the rocket being fired to have a tight spin like a bullet out of a gun. The result? A rocket delivered with high velocity to a target up to 8,000 feet away, while another popular option, the AT4, has a range of slightly over 3,000 feet.

Saab created the Carl-Gustaf with more soldier-friendly benefits. While many popular rocket-propelled grenade launchers can only be used once and soldiers must use them carefully to avoid wasting their weapons in the heat of battle, the Carl-Gustaf can be fired more than once. In addition, many airborne specialists prefer Saab’s iteration because it is simple, tough, and flexible. They also claim that it never seems to break, even when dropped repeatedly.

Air Traffic Support and Security

Airports and military bases with aircraft need complex software to ensure that passengers and personnel remain safe amidst the frequent, high-volume traffic arriving and leaving. Saab offers systems that take all of this nonstop data in and make humans and machines aware of happenings in real-time to help reduce the stresses on an air traffic controller who guides airplanes to the right runway at the right time, no matter the weather.

Decision-making at an airport goes beyond the air traffic control tower. Saab’s Aerobahn software provides pilots, airlines, and the airport with the knowledge they need to efficiently perform tasks as simple as deciding when a plane needs to be de-iced. If you have enjoyed a smooth and easy taxi to and from the runway, Saab may have helped.

Communication Systems for Public Safety

Police, fire, and other emergency services need to document and communicate efficiently and accurately to manage chaotic situations more easily. After all, part of police training is learning to drive safely at a high speed while operating electronics, then continuing to provide aid upon arrival. Saab’s SAFE software uses data to help dispatchers and police make decisions while providing a simple method of responding to officers and firefighters quickly.

Safety at Sea

Cargo ships account for about 90% of the transportation that drives the modern economy. Goods are sent all over the world, requiring software and sensors to ensure the safety of traffic and products. Saab is also in the industry of shipping safety, with its sensors and software often relied upon by ships and their land-based teams to navigate canals successfully while avoiding getting too close to other boats and monitoring proper, environmentally sound fuel usage.


Once known to the public for its beautiful and trusted vehicles, Saab now focuses on the military, security, and software that make many of us feel safe. Given Saab’s ability to maneuver many industries, what else might they set their sights on in the future? Electric vehicle consoles? Public transportation? High-tech children’s toys? iGaming software that makes you eligible for 120 real money spins? We can dream, can’t we?
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