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Re: 83' 900S 8V Starter Woes []
Posted by The Saab Network (more from The Saab Network) on Thu, 23 Jun 2005 14:52:26
In Reply to: 83' 900S 8V Starter Woes [], The Saab Network, Thu, 23 Jun 2005 00:59:57
Message from Peter Duniho -

Subject: Re: 83' 900S 8V Starter Woes
At the risk of pointing out the obvious, have you checked your battery?

I have had starting problems in various Saabs, most notably a couple of 99s
but also in my current 900. The problems have included loose wires, a bad
starter solenoid, and a bad ignition switch. But the problem that sounds
the most like yours was just a bad battery. Have you tried jump-starting
the car? You could test the battery directly (voltage), but IMHO if you can
fix the problem by hooking the car up to another car's battery, you've got a
battery problem.

Make sure you attempt the jump start correctly. IMHO, every driver ought to
know the correct jump start procedure for their car, but a surprising number
of people don't. The most important thing, IMHO, for getting a successful
jump start is for the 'donor' car to be running before attaching the last
cable end, and then let the 'recipient' car's battery get charged for five
minutes or so before trying to start. Otherwise, the donor car might not
have enough power to start the recipient car (less likely a problem with a
smaller engine like your 900's, but still potentially an issue, depending on
the donor car).

You'll also want to check both cars owner's manuals to make sure there
aren't any specific instructions to each car. My Saab 900S was jump started
by a friend's Ford Probe, but we failed to check his owner's manual, and
wound up frying his trip computer (the manual instructed us to turn on the
ventilation fan...I presume in order to absorb any current coming back from
the recipient car once it started).

Now, the battery problem could either be a bad battery, or a bad charging
system. But since you don't mention any fault light indication, I'm
assuming the charging system is okay (I guess the fault light bulb could be
burned out, but that seems less likely).

Of course, it could be something completely different. I'm just saying, if
you haven't already ruled out the battery, I think that's the first thing
you should check. :)

Peter Duniho
'90 900S
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