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Re: Using VIN to determine Vector vs Aero?
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Posted by Justin [Email] (more from Justin) on Mon, 20 Apr 2020 18:11:45 Share Post by Email
In Reply to: Using VIN to determine Vector vs Aero?, Scott Paterson [Profile/Gallery] , Sat, 11 Apr 2020 08:54:43
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Saab Internal IRIS Report for YS3GN4BJ9B4007417

Chassis Number:

Warranty Information
Wty Start Date : Branded Title : NO
Expiration Date : NO COV No Charge Maint : YES
Expiration Mileage : 0 Wty Status Code :
Pt Expiration Date : Pt Expiration Mileage : 0
Buyback Vehicle : NO
Vehicle Information
Model Year : 2011 Selling Dealer : 2349
Model : 564XA Key Code : N/A
Ext Code : 320 Engine # : A28NETHN054362
Int Color : B59 Transmission : A
Certified Pre-Owned(CPO) Information
CPO Vehicle : NO
Recall/Service Campaign History
Campaign Number / Campaign Description Campaign Complete Campaign Expires Repair Dealer Claim #
Warranty Claim History
Repair Date Mileage Claim Number Failed Part Failed Part Description Repairing Dealer
2011-11-17 25 1210091 12302 BATTERYRECHARGINGANDCHECK 2349
2011-04-27 0 1467000 11200 PDI 2349

Build Sheet:
MODEL : 9-5 (650), code=G MODEL YEAR : 2011, code=B
MODEL SERIES : , code= MARKET : United States, code=US
BODY TYPE : 4-door, code=4D BODY COLOR : Fjord Blue Metallic, code= 320
EXTERIOR : Roof, with sunroof, code= S INTERIOR COLOR : Jet Black leather comfort seat in Jet Black cabin &Jet Black leather look door inserts, code= B59
DOORS : 4 side doors, code=4 STEERING : Left-hand steering, code=L
GEAR BOX : 6-speed automatic / All wheel drive, code=A ENGINE : A28NER V6, Turbo, code=A28NER

Awd 4 Wheel Drive 099-020
Brake Disc 17 Brake Disc 051-080
Central Locking, Theft Security Locking Without Theft Security Locking 737-010
Door Insert, Material Door Insert Material Vinyl 331-160
Driver Seat, Manoeuvering Seat, Driver, Electrical 307-040
Foldable Mirrors Electrically Foldable Rear View Mirrors 623-020
Headlamp, Type Of Light Halogen Light 433-030
Instrument Panel, Decor Decor I-panel, Dark Amorello 897-160
Interior Trim Colour Interior Trim Colour, Black 303-170
Loudspeakers 11 Loudspeakers 541-050
Navigation System Gps Navigation System 811-040
Outer Rear Wiew Mirror, Dimming Outer Rear View Mirrors, Auto Dimming 627-020
Parking Assistance Parking Assistance Front+rear 539-060
Passenger Seat, Manoeuvering Seat, Driver, Electrical 309-050
Rain Sensor Rain Sensor 165-020
Seats, Material Seats, Leather, Classic 305-020
Speedometer Speedometer, Mph 451-060

12-volt Connector, Luggage Compartment 12-v-connection, Lugg Comp 487-020
12-volts Connector, Center Console With 12-volts Connection 647-020
Airbag Rear Side Airbag 799-060
Antenna Diversity Antenna 503-080
Armrest Adjustable Drivers Armrest 379-050
Audio Control, Rear Seat W/o Rsa Control 489-010
Audio Interface W/o Audio Interface 879-010
Audio Steering Wheel Controls With Steering Wheel Control 837-020
Automatic High Beam W/o Automatic High Beam 469-010
Automatic Low Beam Automatic Low Beam With Tunnel Detection 477-020
Automatic Shock Absorber Control Without Continous Damping Control 089-030
Badge, Rear End, Carline Designator Badge, Rear End, 9-5 203-060
Badge, Rear End, Engine Designator Badge Turbo6 207-490
Badge, Rear End, Special Badges Without Special Badge 197-040
Baksatesuppvarmning Without Rear Seats Heating 411-010
Baltesvarning,baksate W/o Rear Seat Belt Warning 447-030
Baltesvarning,passagerarstol Seat Belt Reminder, Passenger 429-030
Batteri-isolering Batteri-isolering 557-030
Battery Size Battery, 70ah, HÖgt 551-090
Bluetooth Bluetooth 563-020
Body Color Fjord Blue 601-700
Body Type Sedan 005-020
Brake Pad Brake Lining Pa4668 053-030
Brand Brand, Saab 993-010
Campaign Equipment W/o Campaign Equipment 991-010
Cargo Net, Textile Vertical Without Load Net 787-010
Cargo Rail, Luggage Compartment W/o Cargo Rail, Lugg Comp 465-010
Car Status Technical Status, M11 997-230
Certification Document W/o Plant Certificate 829-010
Chassi Design/performance Sport Chassis, Lowered 10 Mm 097-100
Child Lock System, Rear Door Child Lock System, Rear Door 985-010
Child Seat Loops, Front Seats, Rear W/o Rear Child Seat Loops 917-010
Child Seat Loops, Pass.front Seat, Front W/o Front Child Seat Loops 915-010
Clear Coat, Exterior Clear Coat, Exterior 987-010
Clever Airbags With Sensor For Aos 803-020
Climate System Aut Climate System, 2 Zone 573-030
Climate Zone Warm Climate Zone 769-020
Clutch Interlock Without Clutch Interlock 059-010
Combination Lamp, Front Side Marker Lamp 435-060
Country Packages United States Of America Package 911-180
CoupÉ Air Filter CoupÉ Air Filter, Pollen & Carbon 569-020
Coupe Heating W/o Coupe Heating 549-010
Cruise Control Cruise Control 537-020
Cruise Control Stopgo W/o Cruise Control Stopgo 659-010
Design, Wheel Alu-rim, 5 Twin Spoke 8.0x18 077-040
Digital Radio Without Digital Audio Broadcasting Radio 547-010
Display, Rear Seat W/o Display, Rear Seat 491-010
Door Handle Handle, Outer, Color Match, Chrome Strip 143-080
Door Insert, Colour Door Insert, Black 333-130
Dorrkladsel, Dekorlist Molding Door, Dark Amorello 339-080
Dragkroksforberedelse Without Tow Hitch Preparations 779-010
Electronic Stabilization System Electronic Stabilization System 107-020
Elsd Without Electronic Limited Slip Differential 713-010
Emission System, Engine Emission System, California, Lev2 869-040
Engine Denomination Engine Denomination, A28ner 847-150
Engine Heater Without Engine Heater 575-010
Engine Output Base Output 265-050
Exterior Color Matching Package Without Exterior Color Matching Package 625-010
Extra Floor Mats Extra Textile Mats 357-070
Final Drive Final Drive 3.20 871-020
Floor Illumination Floor Illumination 773-020
Front Foglights Front Foglights 753-070
Front Seat, Lh, Lumbar Support Seat, Lh, El-lumbar Support 681-020
Front Seat, Rh, Lumbar Support Seat, Rh, El-lumbar Support 683-020
Fuel Type Petrol 10% Ethanol 221-040
Garage Door Opener Garage Door Opener 719-010
Gearbox, Type Automatic Gearbox 251-020
Gearbox, Type Designation Gearbox, Af40 253-500
Gearknob Leather Knob 291-020
Generator Generator, 150 Ampere 555-100
Handskfack, Utforande Nedkylt Handskfack 351-020
Headlamp, Light Symmetry Headlamp, Symmetric Light 431-060
Headlamp Washers Headlamp Washer 481-030
Head-up Display W/o Head-up Display 567-010
Heated Seats Heated Front Seats 413-040
Hill Start Assistance Without Hill Start Assistance 109-010
Infotainment Display Color Info Display 493-030
Inner Rear View Mirror, Dimming Inner Rear View Mirror, Auto Dimming 475-020
Interior Light Ambient Ambient Light 693-020
Interior Light, Front Driver, Reading Light 691-010
Lane Departure Warning W/o Ldw Camera 171-010
Laslampa,baksate Reading Lamp, Rear 441-030
Level Control Body W/o Level Control Auto, Air 027-040
Ljuslangdsreglering Without Head Lamp Levelling 439-020
Luftutslapp, Golvkonsol Rear Vent, Floor Console 579-030
Luggage Compartment Latch Safety Release Latch Safety Release, Lugg Comp 671-020
Main Instrument Main Instrument, One Color Graphic 523-050
Market Performance Usa Specification 003-080
Memory, Seat/mirror Seat/mirror Memory 685-030
Model Designation Model Linear 995-010
Model Year Model Year 2011 999-110
Moist Sensor Moist Sensor 169-020
Number Of Doors Four Doors 009-040
Owners Manual, Language American-english Owners Manual 913-050
Panel Plate, Decor Instrument Plate, Black 367-200
Parking Brake Electrical Hand Brake 133-010
Parking Heater Without Parking Heater 793-010
Partical Filter, Exhaust Without Partical Filter 825-010
Passenger Airbag, Disconnection W/o Switch Pab.disconnection 893-010
Pedal, Type Standard Pedal 675-010
Power Lift Gate W/o Power Lift Gate 923-010
Product Line Carline 9650 (pid-code K) 001-080
Radio Uys Radio 515-170
Rear Axle, Type Rear Axle, H-arm 707-010
Rear Foglights W/o Rear Fog Light 751-050
Rear Headrests Rear Seat Without Neckrest 325-030
Rear Seat, Armrest Rear Armrest 317-060
Rear View Camera W/o Rear View Camera 925-010
Rear View Mirror, Integrated Turn Signal Turn-signal Rear Mirror 699-010
Rear View Mirrors, Driver, Type Of Glas Rr View Mirror, Driver, Plane Glass 615-010
Rear View Mirrors, Outer, Pass., Text Rr View Mirrors, Otr, Pass., English Txt 621-030
Rear View Mirrors, Pass., Type Of Glas Rr View Mirror, Pass.,wide Angle Glass 619-020
Remote Control, Frequency Remote Control 315 Mhz Long Distance 533-030
Remote Control, Type Remote Control, Ext. Range, Pass. Entry 867-030
Remote Start Remote Start 919-020
Restraint Seat Belt Pretensioner, Rear Rear Seat Belt Restrain Pretensioner 651-020
Roof, Design Sunroof 007-020
Roofrails Without Roofrails 137-030
Running Light, Function 0=off, 1=auto, 2=park, 3=low & High Beam 529-050
Rutor, Glasutforande Rutor, Standardglas 161-060
Satellite Radio With Satellite Radio 495-020
Seat Cushion Extension, Lh Seat, Lh, Fixed 677-010
Seat Cushion Extension, Rh Seat, Rh, Fixed 679-010
Seat Pocket Front, Front Seat Lh Front Lh Seat Pocket 687-020
Seat Pocket Front, Front Seat Rh Front Rh Seat Pocket 689-020
Seats, Colour Seats Colour, Black 301-140
Seats, Type Standard Seat 297-030
Seat Ventilation, Driver Driver, W/o Seat Ventilation 653-010
Seat Ventilation, Passenger Passenger, W/o Seat Ventilation 655-010
Sensor, Air Recirculation Sensor, Air Recirculation 657-010
Side Blind Zone Alert W/o Side Blind Zone Alert 921-010
Side Windows, Manoeuvring Remote Closing & Pinch Protection 151-030
Side Windows Rear, Manoeuvring Side Windows Rear, Manoeuvring 673-020
Siren Without Siren 725-010
Solskydd, Belysning Belyst Solskydd 905-020
Spare Wheel, Size Without Spare Wheel 075-050
Specialemblem Emblem Xwd (9-3) 201-050
Special Products Standard Vehicle 899-010
Spring Force Front Chassis Spring, Front 021-063
Spring Force Rear Chassis Spring, Rear 025-059
Steering Column, Lock W/o Steering Column Lock 863-010
Steering Gear Variable Effort Steering Power 101-080
Steering Wheel Controls, Sentronic Without Strng Wheel Switches, Sentronic 663-010
Steering Wheel Position Left-hand Drive 011-010
Stering Wheel Model Steering Wheel, 3-spoke Leather 117-020
Storage Tray, Luggage Compartment Without Storage Tray 817-010
Strut, Type Strut, Hiper 705-020
Switch, Engine Start Switch, Engine Start 865-010
Telephone Integ. Telephone With Telematic Services 777-070
Theft Alarm Theft Alarm 535-040
Tilt Sensor Without Tilt Sensor 723-010
Tire Pressure Monitoring Tire Pressure Monitoring, Manual Learn 057-030
Tire Repair Kit Tire Repair Kit 081-020
Tire / Size / Speed Type Tire, 245/45, Hr < 210 Km/h 063-400
Tire,type Tires, Conti Pro Contact 073-200
Trailer Stability Assistance W/o Trailer Stability Assist 929-010
Transport Mode Transport Relay 989-020
Ultrasonic Sensor Without Ultrasonic Sensor 727-010
Usb-connector Usb Connector 485-020
Warning Triangle Without Warning Triangle 445-020
Wheel Adjustment Steering Wheel, Tilt, Telescoping 119-030
Wheel Size Wheel 8.0x18 031-140
Wiring Harness, Body Wiring Harness Body 873-010
Wiring Harness, Headlamp W/o Wiring Harness, Headlamp 875-020
Wiring Harness, Instrument Panel Wiring Harness, Instrument Panel 877-010
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