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Re: I have never used ethanol,
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Posted by oldsaab [Email] (more from oldsaab) on Mon, 13 Jul 2009 22:56:29 Share Post by Email
In Reply to: Re: I have never used ethanol,, Justin VanAbrahams [Profile/Gallery] , Mon, 13 Jul 2009 21:26:52
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thanks for your concerns about blowing things up. Haven't managed to do that yet so knock on plastic. Our engine is also stock except I did put larger injectors that I got at a junkyard for $25 in it. It Seems happy. I continue to find running c900T 5speed turbos for under $200, let me know if you guys need anything? I just pull the engine or transmission and put in the race car after getting a valuation from Jay. It's all legit. Did you catch the rules change and instruments are now considered Safety items? We monitor temperature very closely, seems to be ok. Stock head, without any work, stock clutch, Stock turbo, umm stock transmission too. I'm sure we have more than the stock 160HP, but not sure of the number, just an agressive tune. One day I'll get to a dyno and find out what we have and I'll be happy to share. Then you'd have a better range for yours maybe? Or if you dyno yours tell me and I'll know we are less than that number. LOL

I'll have to take a look at your point about porting the head, I suspect you used the 2.1/or 9000 2.3 long block head and the 2.1 intake plenum and fuel rail then? very cool. Ken & Gary have suggested this, maybe down the road I will look at it.

Traction has been a problem in the corners since the c900 doesn't have a limited slip diffential. Of course we can spin the tires under hard throttle depending upon the attitude of the car and the sand on the surface. Getting down the straight traction has been fine.

We still manage to get a full weekend out of a set of tires, how are you guys doing on yours?

The catalyst for me in this thread is we raced in Houston and another Saab used E85 and extolled the virtues of 105 octane. We decided to stick with a known formula, but we did use Shell Vpower Pump 93 octane. This thread on E85 came up and I wanted to know how it would play in a purely performance mode. Not being PC for the creation of it, not worrying about how many gas stops I needed to make because of mileage, and threw out some numbers from out of the air to use as an example of what I was talking about with mileages... at the last moment I pulled some HP figures out of the air and put them in the postm and then to give the example some sort of credibility extrapolated some boost numbers that might support the HP figures with the relative fuels, maybe. I would not have been surprised to have someone tell me that the didn't pencil, that 300whp would require only 18psi or something, and I would not have blinked. It was a SWAG at a figure. The entire reason for the post was to get answered as asked. Not to start a thread about blowing up transmissions and what was and wasn't possible in HP figures on a stock engine. Just what was the possibilities for E85 vs pump gas, and then I added racing fuel too since the Octane numbers are more similar, 100 vs 105. That was the entire reason for the post. Forget a Saab and put a Dodge Neon with turbocharger in there and get back to the root question. Is there a point at which the E85 fuel is more powerful and economical than Pump 87,91,93 or racing gas at about 100 octane?

So, calm down and, as I posted some time ago on Saabnet, congratulations on your finish at Reno! Again!

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